I am a wife, mother of 12 (9 I gave birth to 1 is a stepson and two I lost and are waiting to meet me when I leave this earth). I am a grandma of 4 little girls. I am an Army vet, and I’m 48 years old. I am a blogger…but still learning that. I play some video games. I home school my children. I study history as a hobby, the Bible as my meat, and I crochet for therapy and because it’s not like I wasn’t already busy. I have been a left handed crocheter since I was 13 and I loved making bed dolls and Barbie clothes when I first started. I took up making toys and some practical things like dish rags.

I try to buy patterns from Annie’s Attic and try them out when they go on sale. I am also not a crocheter that respects gauge…which is why I probably do not make clothing LOL toys are more forgiving. I have created my own patterns, but writing them I get confused LOL

So what I love doing is trying out a pattern and seeing how I like it. Most of the time I am not disappointed and then I tell EVERYONE about that pattern and where they can find it.

I love selling my products with my mom, but I have a HUGE soft spot for kids with those puppy dog eyes. I just can’t be cut throat.

I also like loom knitting, as well as knook since I can not knit well. I dabble in sewing, I love needle work like Embroidery, cross stitch and candlewicking.

I also love paper mache sculpting and learning card making and scrap-booking and I am also into planners and organizers. My life is still not organized but I love them nonetheless.

Oh and I am mother to two very precious part Maine Coon cats. I do talk about my little fur babies a lot.

Ok I think that is me in a nutshell, not sure though.