Yarn weight held double

Hi friends, Iā€™m desperate to knit a Carbeth cardigan from stash. The pattern calls for DK held double or Bulky held single. Can I achieve the same weight holding fingering and worsted together? I have a ton of both. :pray:t3:

Did you swatch? Try it to see if you get gauge

Yeah. :frowning::roll_eyes: Iā€™m a chronic non-swatcher. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, DK is usually Fingering held double. So, you would need to hold 4 strands of Fingering weight to get double DK. If 2 strands of Fingering are not quite Worsted, you may have to hold one strand Worsted with one strand Fingering, but idk what kind of texture that will create.

Definitely swatch and see if maybe your gauge is tight enough for double Worsted.

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Thanks! I will swatch both ways and report back!

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