Yarn Dyeing

My first adventures with Jacquard and Dharma acid dyes this week. There’s a definite learning curve, but it was so much fun! If you dye, post your pics and helpful tips!

My tip from this week: less (dye) is more! That dark blue was supposed to be WAYYYYY lighter lol! Started getting it right on the multi-colored skeins.

Bonus tip: dont use the type of aluminum pan i used unless you dont care about color contamination, the creases in the aluminum hold dye.

I will post the dyes I used later this week.


Wow! Colourful! I’ve been saving up onion skins for a more subdued dye, but haven’t got around to actually doing anything with them yet. So many projects, so little time…

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Natural dyes are on my bucket list. I want to learn how to dye cotton next, but for now, the vibrancy of acid dyes on superwash wool has my attention.