World traveler fro Indiana

Hello. I am a retired school teacher who has been knitting since I was 10. I am married and spend as much time knitting and traveling as I can. I love fair isle knitting and despise cables. My local yarn shop hosts open knitting and sweater club 3 to 4 times a week. You can find me there 3 days a week. I am there so much that my twin 8 year old great nephews think I work there.
I am married to a wonderful man who supports my habit. We even drove 4000 thousand miles to Alaska to buy kiviut yarn. He tells people that’s the only reason we went!
Went with my LYS to Scotland last year and we are off to Santa Fe this fall.

Happy knitting and have a great day!


Welcome, @Knittingtraveler. :slight_smile:

Your travels sound wonderful! 4,000 miles to Alaska, wow!

How fun! I would so love having a local yarn shop and a knit night/time.
Too funny about driving to Alaska for the kiviut. My folks went last fall and while there visited a farm. Mom brought me back some to spin. It is sitting in my freezer waiting for me to a.) get some merino to blend it with and b.) get up the nerve :wink: No pressure at those prices right? :wink:


Yep just a tad pricey. My husband tells people it cost $4500. We lost our transmission in Palmer right after we left the farm. All in all one of the best trips ever. People in Plamer took us in and made the experience wonderful while waiting for a new transmission to be flown in. An adventure for sure!


Oh my word!! That stories you’ll have to tell to go along with your finished items when it is done though, lol.

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I’m from Indiana as well. I am quite jealous that you’re going to Santa Fe in November I hope to catch the next trip if they have one. What an awesome story about your quvit yarn, I got mine just before Knit Stop shut her doors on her going out of business sale. It is still in my stash waiting for me.

Do you live near Starstruck Cat Yarn Studio? We still have room on the trip. If you are close you should come knit with us. I am a Purdue fan too. Graduated in 1975.

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No I’m about 45 minutes from there in greenfield. But in the summer I get there about once a month. I wish I could. I will check the dates again, I thought I had something stopping me from going (probably a football game.). I have two girls there.

Hi, I live in Indiana too! Fort Wayne. Can’t wait to hear all your travel adventures!

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Yes football could get in the way.

I lived in Fort Wayne over 32 years ago before I met my husband. I worked at Lincoln National Life (West) when I was there. Fort Wayne is a nice city and I enjoyed living there, if only for a short time.