Who owns/runs this site?

How was it built so quickly?

Hi @Rose. :slight_smile:

I am a team of 1, although I do get some help and support from my significant other. I am also now getting help from all of you as well. :smiley:

I have a background in web development but also in the arts. I do not consider myself to be a very skilled fiber artist but I am fascinated with its technical elements as well as its history. I also have some experience in drawing, painting, music, and writing.

I have a day job, but plan to put as much time as I possibly can into Open Ravel. Recent events have inspired me to use my skills to help promote healing and unity because I feel that right now we need it more than ever.

As for the site, for the moment we primarily make use of an open source software product called Discourse. It was created by a group of wonderful and intelligent individuals who believe that we can and should be better about how we communicate with each other online.

This has helped us get started very quickly, although our site is by no means complete and we have much work ahead to develop features tailored to the fiber arts community.

Thank you for joining us as we move forward. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the speedy reply!

I thought others might also wonder about the same things. I looked up the Discourse software and it sounds like it has and is going to fill a real need here.

I’m definitely on a learning curve with the layout, but I will continue cruising around to learn it. If you should need help, I would be happy to and I am sure others will also be willing. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Again, I thank you for spending your “non-day-job” hours to build this site and I wish you, as well as everyone that signed up, great success in this endeavor!

P.S. Not sure yet where I should leave feedback on the site, but as I wrote this, it occurred to me that it could be good if we could see the message we are replying to, as we type a reply.


Same, crafter + techie! Im an IT gal learning web dev. Id love to help if you have any beginner projects, Im totes down to tackle them! :wink:


Thank you for creating this site. I am not much of a forum chatter on most days. So I hope to see the site grow and appreciate all the effort you are putting into this for all of us! :smiley: