What other crafts are you working on?

I am definitely multi-craftural, lol!

Right now I’m also working on a few cross stitch projects along with Cricut projects, scrapbooking, etc! Here’s my last pic of my fave cross stitch I’m working on right now!


I’m working on 1crochet project, 2 knit wips, and I’m just starting to get into bead weaving :grin: I can’t wait to get a bead loom and start making some loom bracelets


These are soooo cute!!!

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They’re just tiny things but super fun to make😁 i found them on pinterest in brick stitch patterns


My kids love perler beads. I never can seem to use the iron correctly to fuse them… there must be a technique to make them fuse but not entirely melt! These little ones are very cute!

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Oh wow! Beautiful cross-stitch!!

I am primarily a knitter and spinner. I do a little crochet here and there (once or twice a year maybe, lol). I have a project on my rigid heddle loom, enjoy dyeinig yarn/fiber. I sew once ina great great while. Before I got into knitting (when my daughter was born) I was an avid scrapbooker & card maker. I still have the stuff for that and do it the tiniest bit from time to time but not much at all. I haven’t touched my cross-stitch in years and years. I have enjoyed soap making, salve making…I can NOT draw to save my life though :wink:

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I’m so sorry, I thought that they were perler beads, but they are beadwork!!! So adorable. I love them!


I dabble in cross stitch as well, but I’m more focused on the knitting as you get finished products much quicker and I’m all about the instant gratification. :slight_smile:


No problem Lol, you could probably make them using perler beads but they would be much larger. I made these with size 11 seed beads😀


I made this necklace using tubular bead crochet


I make hand stamped/designed cards



I’m craft fluid as well. I am currently working on some cross stitch. It is a set of 4 cities I bought the charts off Etsy. I have done NYC, Paris, Tokyo is in progress, and the last one is Italy. I have 4 sisters who each have an affinity for each of those places. So they will be gifts.


Lovely project! Some day I want to learn cross stitch too, but I have a feeling I need new glasses first. I’m very impressed by your stitching, especially the names and dates!

Very pretty! I wouldn’t have guessed that was crochet, so cool! The little brick stitch persons were very cute too. I used to make my own earrings and such, tried to learn beadwork too, but then I discovered spinning and that took over.

@micandme, your cards are beautiful! Did you add your own colours to the little birds? I like watercolours, and find playing with that very relaxing.


I use water based markers… I am crafty but not artistic. Meaning I can follow step by step directions and copy others’ ideas but it doesn’t come naturally. :smile:


I’ve heard a lot of good things about those, and they’re high on my wish list of things to try! Nothing wrong with copying others’ ideas! My own repertoire consists mainly of leaves, which isn’t very original but it suits me. :smile:


I’m the same way most of the time :joy:

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@micandme-- how very beautiful!!! What a keepsake a card like that would be.

Hey, some days I can’t even stay in the lines!! :rofl:

That’s gorgeous! I lack the patience for bead crochet ropes, though I do enjoy other forms of bead crochet. Here’s a necklace and earrings I recently made: