What are you spinning?

So it looks like we have a spinning board now instead of just a TdF one :slightly_smiling_face:

So what are you working on? Anything since TdF?

I just finished spinning my Jacob singles (yay!!!) and hopefully will get around to plying them this weekend.


So I’m continuing to spin purple - a mix of Targhee, Finn, and Corriedale X. Approximately 210g spun during TdF; this bobbin on Lizzie is post-TdF. I’m guestimating I have 90g of this fiber mix left (too lazy to take it out of the cat-resistant plastic storage bag to weigh it). i’m hoping that when I two-ply it, the result will be very tweedy with interesting color shifts.


I’m trying out some acrylic. (I don’t usually liked to knit or crochet with wool.) I’d love to try cotton, but hear is more difficult.


:heart_eyes: I love purple, lol. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Purple and tweed would be right up my alley!! :star_struck:

Okay, I have to admit I am curious about this. I’ll be honest, I’m not an acrylic fan for many reasons but I am curious about what you are spinning. When you say acrylic - can you be more specific? I have never seen acrylic spinning fiber anywhere.
And if it isn’t too nosey why do you not like wool?

Hi there,

Here’s the shop where I purchased my Acrylic Top Roving… and I have to say, I really like it!

It’s not that I don’t like wool… it’s great for some things. For things that I know I will need to wash repeatedly, I like to use acrylic just for ease of care. I usually find acrylic to be less irritating to my skin than most wool or wool blends - but this truly is case by case depending on which wool or blend is used. (I never wear wool or wool blend scarves - unless I want a red neck!) I do recognize and like the natural wicking and thermal properties of wool - but don’t find it to be a show stopper should another fiber not perform up to wool’s standards. I also have friends who care deeply about vegan options. So, for this reason, I like acrylic as an option (besides cotton, which isn’t always as soft in bulkier weights). Lastly, acrylic is generally more affordable - across the board. Again, this isn’t to say that I wouldn’t jump at the chance to spin a local farmer’s fiber! (That would be heaven.) I love that kind of stuff - but not all recipients or customers feel the same.

That’s my 2 cents.


That is interesting. I had never seen acrylic spinning fiber anywhere before (not that I had actually looked, lol).

I get not being able to use wool from a sensitivity standpoint.
Thanks for sharing!

I’m new to OpenRavel, but am soo delighted to see a spinning thread!

I spin by drop spindle only, but here is a few things I spun recently—the green/blue/white/orange is a mix of Hampshire-Suffolk and East Friesian from my brother that I washed & dyed early July 2019 (same skein, the opposite sides look different).

This is my other recent spun fiber, it’s Corriedale from Judy’s Novelty Fibers(?), it’s half of a 4 ounce braid of roving I started several months ago.


That’s such a pretty spindle, and your singles are gorgeous, both the finished ones and the ones on the spindle. Or is that super thin plied yarn? I’m really curious about the Free Hampshire-Suffolk and East Friesian you showed us first, how was that to spin? I used to spin primarily on drop spindles too, but then I injured my hand (and then knee) at work so now I spin supported or on an e-spinner, mostly.

Thank you for explaining, I’m always interested to hear more about spinning choices. How do you feel about other processed plant based fibre, such as bamboo, rose or mint? Cotton is a different beast because of the super short staple length, but some spinners find it very soothing to spin. I’m not one of them, sadly, but then I really enjoy spinning and wearing wool and silk, so that’s all good. Your acrylic yarn looks lovely and fluffy!

I love plant fibers. I have zero experience spinning them… but I love working with them on my hook or needles.

I have been spinning a bit lately.

That is on my regular wheel.

Did anyone else back the kickstarter and get one of these? The EEW Nano. I just got it last weekend and have just started playing with it.

It is so small, but so far I kinda like it, I did another practice bobbin, and my dd used it too.
You all have some very beautiful spinning.


Sorry to take so long to reply.

These are all singles, I’ve not gotten brave enough yet to ply with my spindle.

Regarding the Hampshire-Suffolk (not sure why I felt at the time that it was necessary to indicate that it was Free wool), and the East Friesian wools for spinning—my friend combed a few locks of each color for me. I could definitely tell the difference between each wool, as one drafted more smoothly than the other. I’m excited to get them both back from the processing shop, and spin them.

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I’m sorry also, for taking so long in my reply! That’s interesting, you spun hand combed top, that’s a luxury! I hope you will feel brave enough to try plying sometime! I still use my big plying spindle, just to get a more hands on feeling for the yarn.

Oh I will ply, but for now, I’ll make my fat singles. Then I think that I might be brave enough to try plying 2 strands.

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Fat singles are great, I like using them too. One of my best beloved pair of fingerless mittens are made with fat singles with some bamboo in them.

Oh I have to show you all!! I started plying on my drop spindle today. It’s going way better than I expected, and is soo pretty!!


Yay, look at your pretty plied yarn! It looks great!

I’m still on a purple roll - well, roving :wink: This is mixed BFL (that is, 25% natural dark BFL/ 75% natural light BFL, dyed by Nanettewakestudio (on etsy) in the colorway “The Royal One.” I have 286g (8.25oz) of this. I plan to spin these singles and then two-ply them with the 319g of Finn/Corriedale X I’d spun earlier, during and after TdF. What will I knit with the result? I dunno. It depends on how much yardage I end up with, and what pattern strikes my fancy at that time.


Beautiful deep purple colour! I love spinning mixed BFL too, one of my favourite dyers (not in business anymore) did wonderful things with this kind of wool. As soon as my spinning mojo returns, I’ll join you and spin some too!

I just finished some red Targhee, and two-plied it last night.

Why so much spinning? Well, I must confess. I’m almost done with this linen-blend top I’ve been knitting, but I have to unpick the provisional cast-on, pick up the stitches at the bottom of the hem, and then finish them. This is s-l-o-w and boring. Plus, I haven’t decided whether to pick up the neckline stitches and add a row or two of garter to edge it, or “declare victory” and leave well enough alone. So it’s easier to mindlessly spin (although I do try to spin a consistently weight of singles).

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