What are making for the ones you love?

In all my years of knitting and crochet, this is the first project I’ve ever made for my husband. Custom fitted fingerless mitts. And they’re in black tweed, so you know I love him! :joy: This is also my first attempt at gloves and it’s going well! I need to go back and adjust the amount of ribbing at the top of each finger. He doesn’t want them to roll, but 1x1 rib was too much. I’m thinking I may just do a round of purl and a round of knit to top it off. What do you think?

I am hoping to hone my glove-making skills to make a custom pair for my mother who lost a finger in an accident in her 30’s. Needless to say, normal gloves don’t fit her quite right. :wink: What are you making for the ones closest to you? I’d love to see your made-with-excessive-love projects!


This year I’m Very selfish :wink::blush: most my makes are for me, MIGHT make husband some pillows for his den, when I find something he likes… might knit him some hats for winter also we’ll see… :grin: Your gloves look really nice :+1:

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At the moment, I’m only making socks and a waistcoat for me, and granny squares for the church prayer blankets.

On the other hand, I have in the past made socks, scarves, hats and even a pair of gloves and a balaclava for those I love - admittedly, mostly my husband. Which reminds me, his bed-socks need darning again.

One year for my birthday he gave me a gorgeous dark wood darning egg, inlaid with a floral pattern in brass (looks a bit like this). It’s lovely tools that make plain jobs enjoyable!

Omg thats beautiful! Yes, I love working with beautiful tools. This pair of scissors isnt necessarily beautiful, but its the first pair i bought for myself at a yarn shop in S. Lake Tahoe; they are sharp, made of iron and make me look forward to the dreaded task of weaving in ends!

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They look beautiful to me! And sharp :slight_smile:

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I’m knitting a large yellow teddy bear with a purple scarf around his neck by request from my youngest Great-granddaughter Rylie. I’m making it 100% seam-free in-the-round and am about 95% thru with knitting. The scarf takes no time at all but the stuffing takes some time and dedication to get it right. I’m also knitting a meshy cotton shopping bag for my daughter-in-law Jill. Photos later and pattern links later … haven’t posted a photo so will figure that out. :blush:


So sweet! And, yes, pictures please!

I’m currently nesting and running against the clock (36 weeks so far), so they goal is to knit all the kids sweaters before I give birth. I’m on my last one now (blocking before I see together). My hubby has asked for a cardigan, but I won’t dare start on that until after the baby is born :sweat_smile:.

If I manage to finish my list of sweaters before birth, then I’ll make the baby a vest too! What I love knitting for the kids is that since the last 3 are boys—I’m having a boy (my oldest is a girl) the sweaters will always get love.

Also, I never run out of things to make for 4 kids!

One day I’ll tackle socks. I have the yarn, the needles, but not the time yet. (And something for myself)


After years of knitting socks and shawls, I’ve dedicated this years knitting to sweaters. I stopped knitting for others as there are very few people I consider knit-worthy. My daughter certainly falls into the very knit-worthy category. A good portion of the items I’ve knitted have walked out of the door with her, and I can’t tell you how happy that makes my heart :heart:! She is always sending me pictures that she has found on Pinterest, which only makes my to-do list grow! She fell in love with this sweater and here is the finished product. Now we just need to wait for the weather to get cooler so she can wear it!


@KalleyC The fasest Ive ever knitted was when I was pregnant! Hahaha!

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@rolenestone thats GORGEOUS! One of my goals is to perfect my color knitting . What a beautiful project, no wonder your daughter is proud to wear your creations!

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I so agree with this :joy: It’s like this weird idea that time is running out and you just have to get the projects done.

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