Vintage and Antique Needlework

So I reached out to the gang over at Antique Pattern Library (their yahoo group) and this morning had no less then 5 answers all giving helpful advice and even several websites to consult.

Turns out that size 000 isn’t for the itsy little steel hooks (phew) but is the British equivalent of our size N. Which makes sense since in the early days we did follow the Brits in just about everything; at least until we got things figured out for ourselves. So now all I have to do is find a nice wool yarn to use with an N hook and then comes interpreting the old school instructions!

Oh and @DeborahMakarios I’m going to show them your hat pattern and see what they have to say about that too.


Thanks! And may I say I’m glad you aren’t going to try crocheting a full jacket with tiny hooks. RSI/OOS is no joke!
Question: how big is a 000? How big is an N? I’m only familiar with millimetres, which have the benefit of being the same size all over the world :slight_smile:

They both look very Interesting to this crocheter,
Would you object if I downloaded them myself?
I kinda also have a thing for certain vintage patterns.

No skin off my nose! My understanding is that these are in the public domain, so I have no right to exclude anyone from sharing or using them, even if I did want to.

Thank you!
I come from the generation era of asking permission first no matter what.

I love the vintage patterns because they hold onto that “trade”. They assumed that the ladies would know what size hook/needle to use by sight or touch depending on the yarn they chose or had on hand. I love feeling like I am a part of that “mysterious” craft. …but also, dear pattern writer, please tell me what size tool and yarn to use. :upside_down_face::grin:

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This goes here instead of in the post i created and now cant delete lol.

Internet archive knitting book:

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I’m so sorry I didn’t see your post. Of course I don’t mind, the more people we can get on board to bring these lovely patterns back to life the better!

I was struggling with this pattern (could not for the life of me figure out the shoulder instructions, so I frogged it and am now trying again. There’s several historical dress groups on facebook that I joined that should be able to help. Unfortunately I’m a stubborn cuss and I am more determined then ever to get this thing figured out! LOL