Thank you for the addition

Stephen Colbert’s show highlighted the site which cannot be named. Please give it a hard pass. Hot in South Carolina, but we knit on.
As a semiretired pharmacist, I’m able to enjoy more time with my two favourite pastimes, Corgis and yarn.


Hi! :wave: And welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Stephen Who??? :rofl:


Hi knitiwit i remember you from the forums :sunglasses:

a mass exodus is planned for July4th from the site that shall not be named.

Glad to see you here

That shall be really interesting.

Yay Corgis! I own two. My old lady Dyllis she’s 9(tri), and my yearling Tucker Huggleston (sable). They are a hoot!(upload://8okGuGvtqS6Dg2rgZIDQc3vmqBC.jpeg)


I do not know why my library pics uploaded.