Suggestions for a better description

Hello Open Ravelers, I hope you’re all having a great day.

We’re looking for suggestions for a description that better shows our purpose and who we are. Currently, it says:

Expression through knitting and crocheting.

Our welcome topic also reads:

Open Ravel is a friendly website for knitters and crocheters around the world of all types.

Although this sounds good, it doesn’t reflect the range of talent within our community. Many of us not only knit and crochet but also spin, weave, and more. We should acknowledge that.

I’ve been considering the following so far, that are all just slight variants of the same concept:

  1. Expression through fiber art.
  2. Expression through fiber arts.
  3. Expression through the fiber arts.

Do you like any of the options above in particular, or have another suggestion? Would you prefer to keep it how it already is?

Thank you!

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I like expression through the fiber arts… More…shall we say-- inclusive! Do you have a picture of the logo we could share on Instagram, etc.?


I agree that using fiber arts is more inclusive (Ha! See what I did there?). In addition to just expression, there’s the inspiration and feedback of an entire community. We are fiber arts friends, and to use StephenBe’s line, “where all who are welcoming are welcome.”


I like either 2 or 3


Love “ Expression through fiber arts”


I prefer number 3. It seems the most inclusive of all the fiber arts. I don’t like the 20 character minimum comment…


Thanks for the feedback so far.

@Lettyb I’ll look into that too. We have some settings here to protect us from spammers, but we are adjusting them as we go.

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Free expression through fiber arts. Maybe that’s too political though.

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Number 3, definitely.

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Open Ravel is a welcoming community for all fibre arts enthusiasts from across the globe!

Explore, Learn, and Express through fiber arts!


Ooooh I love this!! It basically says “If you’re civil and kind, c’mon in!”

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I suggest numbers 2 or 3.

Ooooh, I like that!!!

I agree with the others 2 or 3. Just knitting and crochet is too limiting. I like to live vicariously through weavers and spinners! :thinking:
Also, as mush as I love yarn the logo to me is too much like Ravelry. Maybe there’s an artist here that can come up with something creative and multi-fibery! Like one of those braided multi-colored roving waiting to be spun using knitting needles a crochet hook or a weaving loom. I’m sure some artsy person can do the site justice.


How about - Expression for fiber art makers

How about Handcrafted Fiber Arts ?


I think you should add that line too!

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I am definitely not an artist but how about something like a parade of animals we get fiber from going across the top of the page - sheep, goats, alpaca, rabbits, yak, etc with yarn connecting them in some way?