Spinning wheels for sale

dk If anyone is looking for a Spinning wheel or not, But* I will be vending this weekend and have some really nice ones for sale. 3 newer ashford traddys (easy treadle ) 3 cpw’s and a couple of oddball ones. I will be vending at Leesport farmers market (in PA) this weekend. I have a small house and need to thin the herd.I have 3 cpws, a Frederic Bordua - St. Hyacinthe 200.00 a Ferdinand Napoleon Vezina 250.00 and an unmarked one (with repairs but spins great) 125.00 all have 1 bobbin. 3 Newer Ashford traddys complete with 4 bobbins 350.00 one early country craftsman 125.00 one bobbin, one fricke with 6 bobbins 325.00, and one older ashford Traveler 250.00 all work great, with no issues.I have a small house and need to rehome some! Also a working Antique yarn weasel 100.00 Also a new never used Strauch drum carder 250.00 These will be offered for sale at Leesport Farmers Market Nov 23& 24 they will be set-up so you can try them.


Leesport Pennsylvania

Oh my! Thinning the herd of some really fine wheels! I hope you post on Instagram too.