Sock knitting

I know many people love to knit socks :socks: and since I’ve recently been bit by the sock bug, I thought I’d start a thread where we could discuss all things socks!

So here is my first pair

I researched for years before starting these last month. I learned that I prefer 2 circs for small circles, so I used a pattern called Basic Socks on Two Circulars with yarn Loops and Threads Perfect Pair in Glory Days. I also love the look and heard so many good things about the Fish Lips Kiss heel, so I used that. Finally, since I have small fiber Neuropathy, I had researched about the bumps of stockinette next to the sole and heard about the princess sole, reverse stockinette, and decided to try it. Finally, since the first 3 toes on my feet are almost the same length, I modified the toe decreases to prefecture match mine (most of the decreasing was done on one side, so I have a very obvious right and left sock) My cuff is slightly loose and I wish the patterning matched better (I’m particular about matching things), but all in all I love my first pair.

On my next pair, using the rest of the above yarn, I’m changing how much of the 2nd needle actually gets reverse stockinette. And I’m using the Hermione Socks pattern to add a little visual interest :wink:

So let’s talk patterns, techniques, etc. Show off your WIPs and FOs!


I love socks! After I get my daughter moved (to another state) in August I hope to be able to contribute more to this discussion.


I love socks! I made this pair for myself, but ended up giving them to my sister. So I had to buy more of the Lion Brand Sock-Ease in mushroom.


Looking forward to it!

So pretty! Something to aspire to achieve :wink:

Socks! My favorite thing to knit! I have a pair in progress now using my favorite non-wool sock yarn - Hikoo CoBaSi. I’ll have to figure out how to add pictures.

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Here is the first project I’ve been able to finish since leaving the other place. Look carefully and you’ll see that one toe (on the left sock) is made from a short row heel. I had made the first sock (on the right) with a standard decreasing toe and was going to make the second one the same, but I was almost finished with it when I realized what I had done. It works great and even probably fits better. However, I’d rather kitchener 12 sts back to back as opposed to 32 sts any day. It was late at night and I just couldn’t bring myself to frog that heel/toe and redo it. Live and learn.


And, of course, no one else but you will notice the toe. I love making socks, they are such an easy project to carry around.


Yes, they are. I almost always have a pair on the needles. Yet I have so few for me. :smile:


To add pictures you click on the download icon at the bottom of the message box.


I have to use wool-free also… So far I’ve used the Loops and Threads, Premier, and Woolike for various projects needing fingering weight… I actually think Woolike is my favorite, but obviously have not made socks with it yet… But soon!
Looking forward to pics (I see it’s already answered)

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Oh so fun! It took zooming in for me to see the difference, but i don’t know which is which lol

Notice the toe of the left sock. It is worked the same way as its’ short row heel.

Working on a pair of shortie socks in cascade fixation today.


They look awesome with their own built in character.

My sock drawer resembles that remark. :wink:


Whoa! You tackled quite a bit of things on your first pair. Way to go! They look fab!

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I :heart: your bare toe peeking up at the bottom of the image! :smiley:

Oh ok, thanks for explaining. I still can’t read knitting very well

Very nice!
@OpenRavel of there a reason we have to have 20 characters to post? I got my point across in 10, but couldn’t post 🤷