Sebastian's Gansey

Sebastian’s Gansey

by Sophy0075

Fingering-weight gansey-inspired pullover for a baby boy or girl

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This looks fun! Do you have a photo showing the whole sweater?

It’s mainly just stockinette until the upper chest, which is traditional for many gansey patterns.

(I had to screenshot the photo I’d posted on R; that’s why the Pinterest red box is there)


I’m not familiar with Gansey, so that term didn’t help me much. Thank you!

Ganseys (also sometimes spelled “guernseys”) are a style of sweater worn by fishermen in the UK. They are traditionally knit out of a tightly worsted spun five-ply yarn. Different locations within the UK use different knit/purl stitch combinations. Most adorn only the upper chest of the pullover, but some locales have pattern from the hem up. Also traditionally, gussets under the arms provide additional width for the fisherman’s freedom of movement.

Sebastian’s gansey is “gansey-like” (or should I write, “lite” :wink: ). I used a fingering weight, worsted-spun yarn (a smooth, solid worsted-spun yarn shows knit/purl stitch patterns better than a woolen or a multicolored or tweedy yarn). I did not put gussets under the arms.

If you want to read more about ganseys, I recommend the following books:
Knitting Ganseys - Beth Brown-Reinsel
Fisherman’s Sweaters - Alice Starmore
Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys, and Arans - Gladys Thompson
Classic British Knits - Madeline Weston
Also, the Fall 2015 issue of Interweave Knits offered a woman’s gansey-like jumper, “St Helier”, by Mary Anne Benedetto (I have this on my knitting bucket list; ideally, I’d spin the yarn for it)


This is very interesting, thank you! Can you explain what you mean by a “worsted spun” yarn? Particularly if it’s a fingering weight yarn. How would I tell if a given yarn is worsted spun?

See for a definition of the difference between worsted spun and woolen spun.

Brooklyn Tweed also offers a good explanation:

And here - from thesprucecrafts:

By now, you should be seeing that “worsted spun” or “woolen spun” may apply to any yarn weight - fingering, sport, DK, aran, or (perhaps confusing to you) worsted weight.

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