Rolling E Ranch Alpaca Yarns, Knitting Designs and a whole lot more

Hello! My name is Diana Edstrom and I have been knitting for about 20 years.

Hubby and I live on 80 acres in eastern Colorado where we raise alpacas, currently 33 including 2 adorable new crias, Great Pyr LGDs, chicken, turkeys, etc etc.

Our alpaca fleece is turned in to yarn which I hand dye and sell in my Etsy Shop, along with roving, hand-dyed sock yarn, jumbo crochet hooks, hand-crafted glass stitch markers, alpaca rug yarn!

I started designing patterns a few years ago after taking a great Craftsy/Blueprint class Lace Shawl Design. Once I took that class, I realized that I needed to understand how to craft a well-written pattern so I took another class How to Say It.

Since that time, I have published four patterns including 2 shawls, I Cowl, and 1 Scarf.

When I am not playing with our animals (cleaning up after them :slight_smile: ) I am in my veggie garden or walking our beautiful ranch.

You can find me in my Etsy Shop, Website, and on LoveCrafts - all under the name Rolling E Ranch

Happy trails,

Diana :cowboy_hat_face:


Wow you sound equally busy and talented! Glad you posted the link to your etsy shop here. So good to have pattern designers and indie dyers in this community.