Replies and organization

@OpenRavel I am enjoying this site very much, but I am having difficulty following conversations within a topic. There are little icons to show who someone is replying to, but then I have to scroll back through to find that original post. It would be nice if the replies were indented directly below the message they replied to, similar to IG or FB. Thanks for listening to my suggestion. You are doing a great job!


Hi Trish - I’ve found that if you tap on the icon of the person replied to (next to the arrow above and to the right of the reply), the comment being replied to will pop up in a box above the reply. (At least this is what happens on my tablet.)


Thanks, that was helpful. I tried it and that works for me too.

Thanks for the feedback, @trish_knits. :slight_smile:

I’ll see what we can do to make things easier to find.