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I hope I’m posting in the correct place.
When on my profile page I see this at the bottom. Is this suppose to be referring to me? I don’t live anywhere near California.

Recently Used Devices

Windows Computer – San Jose, California, United States

Google Chrome | active now

Hi @Lightning57,

It’s possible that your IP address is being incorrectly mapped. The technology that is used to determine this is usually accurate, but sometimes does make mistakes.

It may also report inaccurately if you access the internet over a VPN or similar tools that can anonymize your traffic.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

Hmm I get the same thing and have never had issues with my IP address being incorrectly mapped. I wasn’t too concerned about it though

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My concern was whether or not my computer traffic was being sent to someone in California that is watching my activity.

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Oh, I see.

That device information isn’t being sent anywhere. Rather, it is there so that you can see if it changes. This helps strengthen your account security by protecting you if somebody were to try to get unauthorized access to your account.

For example, if you saw unfamiliar devices show up there you could click “Log out all” to log out all of them and then change your password to be safe.

This way you have direct control over your account access in the case of emergency.

Please let us know if you have any further questions! :slight_smile:


Mine says San Jose CA as well. That is interesting. I think it said the same thing yesterday.

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Thanks @HeathenamI.

I looked into this some more and found an issue with our setup that was the cause of the bad data.

We should all be seeing accurate device location data now that looks familiar and expected. If you don’t, logging out and back in again should sort it out.

Thank you all for checking on this, we identified and fixed our first bug. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I checked and now I see the correct town and state.

About devices. I’ve been coming here on my HP computer during the day. However, I can not get this website to open on my iPad. I have used both Bing and Google. Either will load across the top of the page like all other searches I make, but this site won’t open up. Wondering if others using an iPad were having issues and if they could help me out. My iPad is what I use in the evenings.

Just saw your note. Are you still having problems on the iPad? I mostly use my iPad Air with Duck Duck Go as my browser without any problems.

Yes. I have the iPad2. I have tried DDgo and others and still get no where.