Quarantine Knitting

Greetings from California! Some of us in the community are stuck inside - hopefully not ill or already recovering! - and need some love and support. Arne and Carlos, wonderful fair isle designers and podcasters in Norway, were quarantined after disembarking their knitting cruise and are now making a podcast a night. They will be starting a stash busting KAL and are wonderful company!

In my home we had to cancel our spring break camping trip, but are still taking a week of vacation feom work. My kiddo will also be out of school for over 2 weeks! In between attending to my over-65-year-old parents and cleaning, I will have have a week of solid knitting time that I plan on utilizing!

Are you stuck inside? Are you doing well? What are your yarn stash plans now that everything is closing?

Come join us in the Yarnies chat if you need some company! We are planning a live chat soon, hopefully next Sunday, time tbd!

Wishing you all health and happiness!


Taking the dog for walks. knitting while we watch family movies in the evening. Spending a little time organizing the stash.


I’m a nurse, and have to work my schedule as long as I am healthy… Really wanted a pedi today but did some pattern scanning, crocheting, and just pulled out a christmas project to try… I need to get a little more organized…


My sister is a nurse. You guys are really feeling the heat right now. Thank you for being there during this madness! I, too, need to get organized - good luck to and stay well! :heart:


Hello friends,
I’m in Utah. My 5 children are home from school for two weeks, starting Monday the 16th; homeschool is not our favorite but we’re doing the best we can.

I’m pretty good at this isolation thing, have been doing it about 6 months now through my breast cancer mastectomy & reconstruction surgeries, then my Chemotherapy treatments—Monday was my 2 months since end of chemo & the time when my chemo oncologist said I could start going to church & spending time around larger groups of people. Hmm too bad for me that Utah’s Governor closed schools, and have restricted people from gathering in groups larger than 10 people; my church is closed for the time being too.

So I’ll keep reading, knitting, spinning, and doing my newest love: weaving. And taking walks outside because inside the house is kind of crazy.


What a journey you have been on! You all just had a nasty earthquake too! I wish you all the strength and happiness to get you and your family through this! Beautiful weaving by the way!! I would love to try my hand at that as well!

I’m not in isolation (no more than anyone else in NZ, anyway) but my two regular reasons for leaving the house, church and library, have now closed their doors. :sob: We can still find ways of being church without physically gathering, but I am in mourning for the library service.

However, since I normally work at home, all my other activities & responsibilities are still here needing to be done: writing, housework, gardening… and I’ve returned from my eleven-week blog sabbatical, which is fun and hopefully cheering a few people up a bit.

Handwork-wise, I am tatting and quilting. As the weather gets gradually colder I suspect woollier things will make more of an appearance.

Stay safe, everyone! Wash hands and wear hoop skirts to keep that personal distance!


Thank you for posting. I have heard about Arne and Carlos before, and am happy to be able to see and hear from them.
Things are definitely interesting around here…school is online, thankfully, so the kids are busy from 8:30-2:00 every day attending live classes and completing assignments. They’re not thrilled about having online school, as the public schools around here are not doing live classes, but rather just packets of work that their friends are finishing in an hour or two and calling it a day. However, I am thrilled, as it keeps them busy which allows me time to knit…which I have not had much time for lately.
It’s sad about the cancelled plans, we were to go on college tours over Easter Break, but that has obviously been postponed.
It’s fun to bust out my yarn stash for projects now that we are stuck inside…I am toying with the idea of reorganizing and cataloging it for future time…
So happy to have found this community, quite by accident, today!
Stay healthy!


Im enjoying all your stories. Crazy times we are living in! Yarnies is meeting in one hour, 12pm PST. I have posted some question in the crafty-chat room if youd like to see them.

Just dropped some food to my parents. Ive missed their faces, so it was really good to see them.

Staying safe! Just started vacation today so I better get knitting!

Live long and prosper!