I failed to notice that profiles are public here unless you adjust your preferences so thought I would share how to change it.

If you would like to hide your profile from public view:
First click on your avatar in the top right corner.
Then click on the little gear icon.
Then in the left column click on “Interface.”
There you will see a tick box to hide your public profile and “presence.”


By that do you mean public to this forum, or for all the internet to see?

I have nothing to hide! I swear…lol.

Can you invite people to be able to see your “public” profile if it’s hidden, or are you (excepting, presumably, the admin) the only one who can see it?

Great question. I’m confused too. Thanks for bringing this up, @banewman!

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I believe that your public profile can be seen by anyone on the internet, whether they are members of this beautiful community or not. I just tested it out by logging off, and then checking a couple of posts and profiles, and I could see them without being logged in.

I’m so happy to be a part of this new community, and I hope I’ve helped to answer your question.


Yes. This is my understanding too.

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