Pricing knitted goods

I’ve never sold my knitted goods. I was asked to make some simple garter stitch scrubbies for purchase. Is there a basic formula for simple knitted items like dishcloths ? Thanks.


(Minimum wage x time spent making) + cost of materials is a basic formula… but may give you a price so high that no one will pay it. Depends on how low your area’s minimum wage is, I suppose.
Mind you, I’ve never sold my knitting, though I have bartered it for someone else’s creative work - like the portrait which I use as my avatar.
Hopefully someone else will be able to provide you with more useful advice!


@Turbolift Have you made some scrubbies? Are these the same as washcloths? Did you decide on a price? Asking because I would love to be able to sell my knitting but a pair of socks for $100. I think even DJT himself would pass that up.

Honestly, you can’t count labor. It’s just priceless.

When I make something for a church sale or something similar I figure the price this way: Objectively look at the item and ask yourself what you would pay for that in a store. The majority of buyers will think this way. Then ask yourself what the supply and demand is. Decide if you will do better selling multiple quantities or holding out for a high price.

For a washcloth, I might pay two or three dollars.

Just my opinion.