Planned Features?

The thing that I really use from Ravelry is their pattern and yarn database. Finding patterns is a need, but also having a place to organize and track my projects, patterns and stash is really important to me. One thing that I felt Ravelry lacked was broadening the projects to also include weaving, spinning, and other fiber related crafts in the project queue and what not. I hope that all makes sense. Is this a goal for Open Ravelry?


Yes, we very much want to broaden our range to include all fiber arts.

Right now, we are exploring our options for pattern submissions and discovery, but will expand to include those other features as well.

It’s going to take us some time, but we absolutely understand the value of these features and are aiming to be as useful as we possibly can.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions!


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I know it will take time and sooo excited to be here,but how about a library to store the patterns we like instead of downloading or bookmarking? That wouldn’t be stepping on any toes if we had that feature would it?


I agree with you 100% & a library for our patterns would be nice as well.

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Just wondering: will there be a separate category for crochet, or does that go under Knitting?


I also really liked the yarn and colorway database. So if I had a really weird yarn that I didn’t know what to do with, I could see what types of projects that other people made with it.


I was wondering the same thing, because I’m a

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