Patterns and Pattern Sources

I apologize if I should have posted this elsewhere; moderator, please feel free to move this pattern link if a thread has already been created.

For folks looking for unprejudiced pattern sources, here’s another one:


Hi @Sophy0075,

Posting it here is fine. Thank you for sharing this resource with us. :slight_smile:

Here’s another free pattern source, fellow fiber enthusiasts!

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I know that you want to be ad free, but would it be okay for designers to set up a topic where they can show off their work?


Yes, please feel free to. :slight_smile:

We are looking at some options for our members to set up internal ads here, but in the meantime you can post in #the-craft:marketplace if you’d like to sell your work or design services.

I believe a few members have already coordinated purchases amongst each other.

Good luck and I hope you find it to be useful. :smiley:

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Will there be a way to store patterns here like in… You know…?

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In case anyone is intersted, Kulabra Designs has moved to its own website.

Also, Audry Nicklin’s designs (Celestarium and Southern Skies amoung others) and be found at

What incredible knit work. This is the kind of knitting I aspire to!

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Such amazing colorwork!

thank you!