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My Cpu Cozy .pdf (346.8 KB)

My Cup Cozy, my design😊 perfect for Crochet beginners, with sc, work in the round, with cotton yarn, perfect for a gift, to keep beverage cool, fashionable, colorful, for him or for her, for the beach, for camping, for the car, for the home.


May I test you cup cozy? Such a great idea.

Yes of course go ahead, and Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna test it now!! I’ll post pictures when done​:heart::yarn:

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Works up very quickly❤️ I’m gonna have a family of cozies😍 Thanks so much for the pattern!!

edited to add an apology for the dog butt in the picture :joy:


Thank you! I started it and have done about 10 rows. Very easy to follow, thank you.

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ROFL!!! All the dogs I’ve eve loved would’ve said, “Meh,…Love me, love my butt…”.

I wouldn’t have known to even look if you hadn’t pointed it out. :wink::laughing:


No worries about your canine friend :slight_smile:Glad you like it!! Lovely color, :heart_eyes:Thank you for testing! And Enjoy!!! :heartpulse:


I am not the fastest crocheter but will try your pattern tonight. Thank you for your time and hard work creating this design.

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What a GREAT way to use a favorite yarn, or stash bust ! Can’t wait to try it out after I finish a WIP this week! XOXO

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I made this one just tall enough to fit in our car’s cup holder. Started second one today. Thanks again for the pattern.


That’s a GREAT idea!! It would fit perfectly🤗

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Beautiful colors on your yarn! :heart_eyes: and beautiful work also! :heartpulse:

My husband thought these were perfect for the car cup holders. And so quick to make. Thanks again for the pattern! (upload://fhAM4dmaZCjlPWkO2EEOkUo0jh1.jpeg)


You are welcome!!! :blush: Awesome!!! Fantastic idea for the car, :+1:Thanks for sharing ! :blush::heartpulse:

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What a great idea! One of our car’s cupholders are too big for my coffee cups. I usually use a bit of paper towel stuffed in there to keep them from tipping … but now I’m going to give this a try!
Also - thank you @Caroline for the pattern. Long time knitter but newbie crocheter so am always looking for simple but useful projects to practice this new to me craft.


I have a girlfriend that just crochets the circle part as a mini coaster for the bottoms of her car cup holders. Lots of creative ideas,.