Pattern Test: Vintage Children's Clothes

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I am working to republish the out of print modular knitting book, Number Knitting. I documented my progress for the last three years on Ravelry, and I am picking up here where I left off.

The book has patterns for everything from placements and shawls to baby and adult clothes. At 75+ patterns, it’s astounding. I’m meticulously recreating all the charts from the entire book.

Today I did the charts for “Seamless Suit” and “Boy’s Rig.”

Seamless%20Suit%20for%20Either%20Sex Seamless%20Suit%20on%20Little%20Girl
Seamless Suit for Either Sex

Boy’s Rig

Would anyone be interested in testing these patterns? If so, I will send you the following:

  • Basic instructions for Number Knitting
  • Old Chart and Instructions
  • New Chart

Today I recreated the charts for two more children’s outfits: a seamless sunsuit and a chemise dress.

Would anyone like to test these patterns?

The shaping is interesting in these patterns because they both require two different sizes of needles. Most of the sunsuit is knit on the larger size needles. The yoke section of the dress is knit on the smaller size needles. The chemise dress is designed to be worn over the sunsuit.

As with all the designs in Number Knitting, the chart is a grid-based and is drawn on graph paper, with some supplementary instructions.