Pattern Test: Honeycomb "Bead, Bead" Shawl


I am looking for some knitters to test a crescent shawl pattern for me. I’m so close to the project that I know how to spot and fix any errors that I find, so I need some fresh eyes on it. I really only need about 45 rows tested. Once you get the hang of it, it’s very self-explanatory.

For compensation, I’ll provide a copy of the completed pattern, as well any any of the others from my Etsy shop (currently only have two), as well as my gratitude!

Yarn: Light fingering weight: 1 skein
Needles: Size 3 US (3.25 mm), 24” circular needles
Beads: 1 Package of #10 glass E beads (40 g/1.41 oz)
and 1 Collapsible Eye beading needle
Stitch Markers in two different colors: You’ll likely need more than you currently own (50-100). You can make DIY stitch markers by taking two different colored flexi-straws and snipping off rings.

If you have different (larger or smaller) yarn and beads you’d like to use, that’s fine. Gauge isn’t all that important on this project, since it’s a crescent shawl. FYI, My instructions are for threading the beads onto the yarn, as opposed to beading using the crochet-hook method. I got my beads and beading needle at Wal-Mart.

Thanks in advance for all those who can help! Sign up here in the comments and I’ll message you with a copy of the pattern.


I don’t knit but would like to say this is Beautiful!

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@Rustypelican: Thank you!

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When do you need it done by? I’ve just tackled several new projects for the coming weeks and we’re about to go on vacation, so it will probably be late-August at the earliest before I could start.

Additionally, I’ve never done beaded knitting before, but I’m very interested to learn. I would need to buy beads and the beading needle.

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That timeframe would be fine. Let me know when you’ve got the supplies and I’ll send over the draft pattern. Thanks!


Great! One skein of yarn = 3.5oz? I’ll do some shopping while we’re traveling. :slight_smile:

Yes, 3-3.5 ounces. It’s not critical. This pattern is designed such that you’re done when you run out of yarn. Just leave a bit leftover to do the garter stitch ridges.

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I have done bead knitting, and test knitting. I do a stitch count spread sheet for each row before I begin. I’m a fairly quick knitter, and I have the time. If you have this project covered, keep me in mind for your next project. Good luck, going over to check your other patterns out on etsy👍 Oops, perhaps I spoke to soon? I place my beads with a crochet hook, that is prob not going to help you, sorry.

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It is so gorgeous! :purple_heart:

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@countrypurl Thanks for offering to help. I did the threaded bead technique because the beads I used were too small to fit a crochet hook through. If you want to do the crochet hook method, that’s fine. I’ll message you with the pattern.

I got to thinking about the pattern and I think the beads need to be pre-strung. The bead doesn’t sit on top of a stitch, but rather, in between two tuck stitches.

I will test knit this beaded crescent shawl pattern for you if additional knitters are still needed.

I understand completely. When it is ready to go prime time I will be buying, it is lovely.

@KellyV Had this yarn and the beads in stash. Have strung one 20 gram tube and I have another tube if it is needed. Will 20 grams be enough, or should I go ahead and string the other 20 before casting on?


I’d string on the other tube as well. The shawl in the photo used 30 grams of beads. I had to stop because I ran out of yarn (because I used the first part of the skein on another project). You could always break the yarn later and string on more, but it’s really satisfying to have the entire piece knitted without any breaks, am I right? :wink:

I just cast on another one this weekend as well.


Gorgeous work! And good info - you’re so right about not breaking the yarn unless it becomes unavoidable. I’ll go ahead and string that other tube now.

I think it’s also worth mentioning my stitch markers. We were camping when I made those. You know the thick plastic that shrink wraps a case of bottled water? I cut it into little squares and snipped a tiny hole in the center of each one. There was both blue sections and clear sections, so it worked to give me the two different colors. And the plastic is thin, yet strong and totally flexible, so it doesn’t get in the way of the knitting. Total cost: $0.00.


That’s such a resourceful idea!
I have lots of bulb pin stitch markers, purchased previously, for use in a few large shawl projects.

Also I had completed the first 11 rows of the Bead Bead Shawl pattern using that Berocco Remix yarn. While it was quite soft to work with, the rag fiber content and resulting textural attributes did not offer enough stitch definition. Thought it might become too soft and fuzzy to hold a crisp stitch pattern.
So I ripped it out and dyed a hank of merino/nylon to use with the same beads.
Am currently on row 20 with the second yarn.

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@KellyV If this is still an open call, I’d like to test for you. I am an experienced tester.

Thank you for your time!


Yes please! The first tester and myself found a couple of typos in the first draft. I’ll send you the updated version.

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