Pattern Submission issue on laptop

All of my pdf patterns are on my laptop. when attempting to enter a new pattern I cannot see all areas of the pattern section that allow me to enter information, add pictures, pdf files and continue to the next page. I can see these sections on my phone. Is there a setting I need to change on my laptop?

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Hi @phaener, sorry about that.

What web browser do you use?

Thank you.

No worries. I use Bing, but can shift to another if needed.

I’m still unable to add patterns through my laptop or phone. This is what I see when I click on “patterns”. Any idea what I need to do to fix the issue? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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Sorry about that, that’s definitely not ideal!

I’ll see what I can find. Thanks for the screenshot, that helps.

It does work with Google.

Hi @OpenRavel. I have tried uploading a couple of patterns also, but none of them seem to be getting put on. It takes me through the whole process, I click on “Done”, but nothing happens and no patterns are shown. Am I doing something wrong, or putting them in the wrong place? The last time I contacted you, you said that they can be uploaded to either “Patterns” or “Marketplace”, so I figured it was easier to upload them directly to “Patterns” since that is usually where people would search for them. I guess I’m really confused. Have waited several weeks and I’ve actually forgotten which patterns I’ve even posted as I can’t see any of them. I’m using Chrome on my laptop. I have a couple that worked, one on “Patterns” and maybe two on “Marketplace”, but nothing else. They’re just getting crowded out on Marketplace and will never get found. Is there a limit and have I already reached my limit with 3 patterns listed? Thanks in advance for any help!!


Same trouble here. Are they waiting to be approved or something along those lines???

Hi @EasyCreations and @StibersFibers,

The issue is on our end. There is a problem with the incoming data, and images and pdfs are having problems being saved.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to sort it out. We will likely disable the current submission form and replace it with a more open-ended template for people to more freely enter whatever info they’d like.

The upside is that it should be much easier and less error prone, but the downside is that the data will be less structured.

Apologies for the trouble!


Understood. Sometime you do everything correctly and technology doesn’t want to play by the rules. I run into this nearly everyday in my classroom so I feel your pain. Thanks for the explanation and prompt response.