Our Knitting Companions aka Pets

I’d love to se pics of everyone’s pets. I’m a cat person myself. We have two Scottish Folds and two Domestic Longhairs from a shelter. I also have two beta fish.
Ashley Emma:





Your knitting companions are so sweet! <3

Here’s my little one.


Awww! What a darling baby!

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Not knitting companions, but they are my crochet companions

Gizmo in my daughter’s purse, and Hercules politely staying out of the tree. If I crochet on my bed (which they insist is theirs) they join me.


They are darling! Gizmo has great ears.


We have two cats (mother and son). She avoids knitting for the most part - though she likes sleeping on the finished product - but her son (the ginger) seems unfortunately drawn to laps that have knitting on them.

They’re not usually this friendly…


What lovely fur babies you have!

We have six cats but our foundling Lucky (who is three now) is the only one who has shown any interest in my crocheting.


Who that picture’s big. How do you resize images?

Gizmo, I was told is half Maine Coon Cat. My son got him as a wedding present. Then they had two kids in a tiny apartment and I had room for Gizmo. My daughter calls all cats “Floofs” but he’s medium hair and fuzzy, so he’s Maximus Floofimus to her. Hercules wasn’t even bothered by the new upstart to the family either.


@Marycatmom, he is such a sweet boy! We all love him so much.

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Here are my three. When I first got the two boys, I had to take a year off from knitting because it got them too excited to have anything else in my lap. They are 15 now and don’t mind a bit anymore, thankfully!


What gorgeous cats. I’m in love!

I have a friend who would be all over those pups! I’ll have to show her the pics.

Yesterday Fflewddur decided I needed help shortening a skirt pattern. His solution was to eat the pattern. Stinker!


Princess Peach was a neighborhood cat I trapped in order to fix with the intention to release after. She had to have a massive hernia repaired twice so had to spend a lot of time recovering with me, so we became BFFs❤️ That was 8 months ago. Peachy will never spend another day outside cold and hungry!


This little boy just joined in getting comfy the afghan I’m TRYING to crochet!! He’s a little Tux named Dread Pirate Roberts (The Princess Bride movie) that fell on from under someone’s moving car that my daughter happened to see! He was only about 5 weeks old at that time, he just turned one.


This is Morrie and Missy. He is 6 and she is 3. My folks are the cat rescue people in their block. At one time they were taking care of 20 outdoor cats. After a litter was born, they would collect the mama before she could have another batch and have her spayed. If they could catch her. They bring any sick and ailing or abandoned kittens inside to nurse back to health. That’s how I acquired these two. They stole my heart when they were wee tiny babies. And I’m allergic to cats! My folks had 7 of their own indoors once. Now they are down to four. I’m sure they’ll have more again. I heard that one of the few outdoors cats that’s left just had kittens.


Here’s another one of our baby boy! :slight_smile: