Open Ravel is shutting down

Hello everybody,

Open Ravel opened 1 year ago today, with a lot of excitement and refuge from a more popular fiber arts website and community, during a situation that was less than fair to say the least.

I had some great plans for our website here and a lot of enthusiasm, however as I’m sure many of you noticed, we lost our initial momentum and I have become increasingly absent.

The explanation is simple: real life obligations took priority. My available time was impacted by challenges in my employment, and the issue was further compounded by some challenges with my health.

Instead of letting our website further languish, I would like to properly shut it down and give everybody here an opportunity to coordinate with each other to find new online spaces to share your work in a positive and healthy environment. will go offline on August 1st, 2020.

Please take the time to coordinate with other members here who you would like to stay in contact with, exchange contact info, etc.

Please also check out #the-craft:patterns for any free or paid patterns of interest. The paid ones in particular link out to the member’s store, which may be useful.

Yarnies Chat

If you aren’t already there, I recommend checking out Yarnies Chat. It was created by @Snoogins and is a wonderful place to chat in real time with other Open Ravel members.

Yarnies Chat is operated independently of and is not impacted by our shut down.


Thank you to all who donated to our operation here.

We intentionally did not monetize anything while we were planning longer term features, and I am proud and happy that we encouraged our members to list as much as they want, and to communicate amongst themselves for transactions, without any fees from our side. :slight_smile:

Our link is still up, but will go offline as well on August 1st. You are more than welcome to leave a tip if you found value in your experience here.

Your Data

On a technical/business note, I am very specifically not selling the website or any of our data. I have reservations with regard to data collection, digital marketing, and other means by which your privacy may not be respected.

To that end, when the website goes offline, all components will be shut down and nothing will be sold, shared, or otherwise retained. Privacy is very important and the last thing I would want is for anybody’s experience here to be tarnished by unsavory business happenings.

Thank you!

Lastly, thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!

When we started here, many of us were very much in need of a positive and kind atmosphere to connect over our craft, and you all truly went above and beyond.

It’s of course bittersweet news here today, but I am taking it all as a positive experience with you all and something that I will remember fondly.

Happy trails, fiber friends! :heart: :yarn:


I suggest going to Unraveled on Facebook. You must answer the group’s questions to join.

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Thank YOU @OpenRavel! You inspired me to make Yarnies and I thank you for all your support and for caring for our community. This is very bittersweet.

As an alternative, I have found Fiberkind to be very welcoming and has a lot of what we have here.

Hope to see you all around the internet!
Take care and happy knitting!

Thank you again @OpenRavel, I wish you all the best!


Thank you to all you lovely Open Ravelers! Your wonderful feedback on my patterns and knitter’s graph paper has led to the launch of my KnitSwag Etsy shop, where I make personalized knitting swag. I’d love for you all to check it out. As a thank you for being part of this community, here is a 15% off coupon code, good through the end of July. Thanks again!

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Thank you for giving users an alternative to Ravelry. I am sorry you have had health and employment issues keeping you away.

I hope it is ok for me to state we would welcome your members at - we are celebrating our first birthday as well. Our community is coming together to make a FiberKind birthday blanket that one lucky participant will receive - maybe two if we have enough pieces. If you are a FiberKind member feel free to look me up (same user name) - you will find our community quite welcoming.

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Thank you so much for your valiant effort! It takes so much to create a new site, and I’m sorry life issues kept you from developing it further.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.
Blessings, Rhonda

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I wish you all the best always and thank you for showing that there could be an alternative.


Well hello Char! I didnt know you were on here too! :heart::heart:

Well, hello there! Yes, I am here too! Most of my efforts have gone to FiberKind, though, since the change in ownership. I hope you can attest to the friendly community we have there! We are excited to get to know the regulars from Open Ravel for sure. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Of course! Y’all have been very welcoming! Im hoping more people hop on our chat too. Its so much fun with more people!

Thank you for this site, I wish I had been more active. :frowning: I am a member at as well as I am the only ADMIN/Moderator for the Beginner’s Crochet Group (all skill levels) on Facebook. No Ravelry links allowed. :slight_smile: