New to Open Ravel

Hi to all, My name is Deb and I am a Crocheter / Knitter from New Jersey and new to Open Ravel. Just recently retired from the USPS after 34 years and I am not able to pick up my hooks and needles once again. I have two Doxies that also keep me busy.


Welcome from a fellow Doxie owner!


So adorable!!! Where did you find the pattern?

This is my Milo


and this Coco


Here it is:

It’s the original custom fit dog sweater pattern. You can choose whatever yarn, whatever stitch pattern, for whatever sized dog. It’s great!

So cute!!! And the sweater is too!

So utterly adorable!

Hi–Also new to Open Ravel and so glad that someone started this group. Mother to three grown sons, grandmother to one smart little girl, I live with my husband on the prairies of ND, where we have a 4-acre little homestead. My grandma taught me to crochet when I was very young, some 50 years ago. I improved my skills while living in Portugal where I learned to crochet lace. I do knit, but I’m not so proficient so 90% of my projects are crochet.


@Prairiechuck Welcome!

Good to have you here.:star_struck:

Just signed up for this site and looking forward to chatting with lots of other fiber artists out there. I mostly knit, but a close second is crocheting. I’ve been on a sock and sweater knitting kick in 2019. Just love it so much! I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and lots of chickens, cats, and a dog. My sons are college students, so we are mostly empty-nesters. I guess I get a lot more knitting done these days. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome. I have a few highschool friends who are now empty nesters. I imagine that must be hard. It’s what we work toward-- having independent young adults, but I’m already starting to grieve and my oldest is only 12 (13 in the fall). Love PA and it must be a wonderful place to live. The sound of having chickens and other pets sounds like a lot of fun. Look forward to your knitting. :slight_smile: