My newest spinning fave from Christmas 2019

Hello fiber friends,

I’m super excited over my Christmas gifts from hubby. He made me 6 new drop spindles (to teach our little girls to spin and extras for me to use on making the fine singles I love so much), AND he bought me an Ashford Joy 2 spinning wheel. It is my dream machine, and I’d thought it would be YEARS before I could get one. :open_mouth::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I love this thing, and if it wasn’t for my BC chemo, I’d have spun every day since I opened the box!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


And the three spools I spun up before my poor left foot cramped and swelled. They aren’t great-looking, but having used a drop spindle has taught me drafting at least.


Wow, your husband made those spindles? They’re beautiful! And so is your new wheel, congratulations! Seeing your singles bobbins makes me very happy too, please go on sharing pictures of what’s on your wheel and spindles!


What wonderful, thoughtful gifts!!

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I am in awe of your ability to spin! Also of your husband’s craftsmanship

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