My daughter is now "hooked"

My 14 year old decided last night to teach herself to crochet. This morning she made a granny square rug for the dollhouse the kids have. And right now she is making Barbie clothes for her dolls. She is also loves drawing, but now she has added crochet.


That is wonderful!!
My daughter loves crochet too. She makes things for her stuffed animals all the time :slight_smile:


Wow that’s great!
Glad that she’s enjoying her new hobby.

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Welcome to Fiber Madness! Bwahahaha!


There is her finished skirt for her doll.


Awesome Job…Love it♥


Fantastic! I loved knitting Barbie clothes when I was a kid! Keep it up girl!


I shared your comments with her today and she was very happy. She said you all are sweet and supportive. She draws too, and some people are very critical about drawings. Seems crocheters are more about encouraging rather than criticizing.

I’ve found that to be so as well. We all respect each other’s works of art. Fiber artists knot a community together. :slight_smile:

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Hey look…it’s me! lol
yes, that’s me, Linnie’s my mom (she told me to join Open Ravel so I could learn more about crocheting and the fiber crafts)
Thx for all the supportive comments btw! like mom said, in art, there are a lot of criticizers, but y’all are as supportive as they come!

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