Maybe my mojo is back...just maybe

After a very stressful first half of the year, I had gotten to where I was barely picking up my knitting any longer. However this past couple of days I have finally made some progress on some things!! Yay!!

I finished a Sockhead hat out of YarnLove Juliet in the Tangerine colorway :slight_smile:

Then I finished the knitting on my daughter’s Fragile Wishes Cardi

Unfortunately, this is going to require an overdye before she can wear it. Hopefully, we will be able to do so this coming week.

Now that the Princess’s cardigan is completed and I haven’t picked up the yarn for her next one I guess that means I can work on mine :wink:
I started a sweater from my own handspun last year I think… but it has sat dormant for probably 9 months.


Yeah I’d say that’s definitely some mojo.
They all look great!


I love that tangerines!

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Hurray for returned mojo! Finishing things feels great, doesn’t it? Your new finished objects look great, especially your daughter’s cardigan. Very pretty! Hope you’ll find out where you are on your own handspun sweater, it looks really nice already! (I might have had a handspun sweater dormant for longer than that, and suddenly finished it early this year, so I remember the feeling.)


Very nice knitted hat
I’ve tried several times to learn to knit& all I wanted to knit was these types of hats Finally after the 4th try I gave up. I do admire a good knitted hat.
This coming from a crocheter :grin:


My ‘go-to’ hat pattern right now is the Bankhead hat:

It is a free pattern & sizes go from baby to large adult. I have adapted it to thinner yarns by knitting a larger size.


Congrats on the returning knitting mojo! :purple_heart: I have focused so much on downloading and organizing patterns along with getting my classroom stuff together that my poor knitting must feel neglected. :disappointed:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks! And YES it really does feel good to finish something!
Thankfully when last I worked on my sweater I was at an easy to stop/start spot (just below the separation for sleeves) so I’m good and have even put on a couple of rows :slight_smile: Yay!!!
Ohhh, I’d love to see your handspun sweater!

Thank you! Isn’t it funny how often one or the other comes easier? My mom is a wonderful crocheter but I am only barely so so at it.

I have not tried that one yet, though it is on my list to do so. A friends uses it regularly and really likes it.

Thanks! And that I totally understand! I’m still trying to get patterns organized!

They all look so nice! Finishing is a great feeling for sure! I noticed your daylily picture, I grow lots of daylilies in my yard. They are all finished blooming now. My favorites are red, pink and purple but I do love Primal Scream.

Hello :slight_smile: And thank you!!!
Yes! Finishing is so wonderful! I need to post a picture of her sweater over dyed. It came out really well and she loves it. So now I’ve been spending a good deal of time working on my sweater and a sock. I need to find some baby patterns though as I have several friends (4) that are expecting towards the end of the year.

Lilies are just the best. Nearly everywhere I have lived since I was a child had lilies in some form or another. Where we are now we have lily of the valley as well as ‘ditch’ lilies. But mostly I like them because that is our daughter’s name.