Love this, but

So I really like this forum. The people are fantastic. But I’m having some issues, like you can only post 21 replies in a 24 hour period, so… there are people I’ve directly communicated with to whom I can no longer respond. Also you can’t reply three times in a row if someone else hasn’t responded to you. These kind of things might hamper the growth of this platform. I have high hopes here, though, and am very grateful for a place to be. Please help us out!


I’m guessing that this platform has some built-in defaults that the sysadmins will be contending with as it develops.


Thanks @hudsonmama for the feedback!

@Loriknitsalot is correct, there are some settings here that we can adjust. We’ll want to keep some of them as they are to prevent spam and such, but I’ll definitely be looking at where we can change them for the better.


Thank you OpenRavel! As manyof us have noticed members tend to want to be very active on our first day😀