Loom knitting and Addi circular knitting machine

I’m looking to connect with other loom knitters and users of Addi or any circular knitting machines.

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I own an Addi king size but haven’t done much with it yet other than stashbusting charity hats. I do love using it though and would like to branch out.

My daughter bought me an addi loom but I’ve never used it. Thought I’d make sock blanks For dyeing my own gradients. Might be too small for that though. It’s not the king-size, so sock blanks would have to be 5 yards long in order to dye enough yarn for a shawl. The longer the sock blank is, the more difficult it is to handle in a gradient-dying process. Also takes more space to dry the longer blanks.

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Well Hello There,

My name is Kim and I’m a loom knitter. I’ve been looming for Approx. 10 yrs. Mostly I loom socks. At the present time I do not own a Addi machine. I’ve have been thinking about getting one for a while now. Who knows? Maybe Santa will be good to me this year.

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Morning or Howdy. :slight_smile:

I’ve am trying to get a group started here that is dedicated to loom knitting. The more people that join the less chaff we have to read under the general categories.

You can get there from Categories, Groups, Loom Knitting.
or https://community.openravel.com/c/groups/loom-knitting

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Cool. But when I try to link to the group I get an “Access Denied” page. Any thoughts @OpenRavel ?

Edited to add: I figured it out. You need to go to the groups page first and “join” the group before the link above provided by @misterunix will work.

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Everything is so new. We will get there in the long run!

Ive always wanted to learn how to dye fiber. Ive watched so many videos it isnt funny.

I’m in the exact same boat… haven’t done with mine either. I keep thinking I’m going to experiment with it and then make another hat. :woman_shrugging: