List of R refugee safe sites?

I am looking for places to find patterns, yarn & supplies etc. for R refugees. Not looking to ban anyone, but want to at least start with the R silenced right. :speak_no_evil:

3 Likes is where I am finding patterns and yarn.

Lovecrafts supports R’s position. I cannot support them :weary:


You know, I understand your perspective, but for me it works. Data base, patterns and yarn, score!

Cheryl Beckerich objected to R’s bigotry. She’s at


She is definitely on my wish list.

I suspect Blue Mule Fibers, though they haven’t come out one way that I could tell. Ewe Ewe yarns seems to have stayed out as well as far as I could tell.
Gregoria Fibers and Tusken Knits came out against Ravelry.
And there’s a lot of new designers just on etsy but not on R, that I intend to support.

5 Likes is similar to etsy. It has people selling stuff they make. yarn, fiber, bags, stitch markers, patterns

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I opened up an account with FiberCrafty, but was disappointed to read this in FAQ:

Question: I am a designer and sell patterns, should I sell them on FiberCrafty?

Answer: Nope but read on! Let’s face it, Ravelry is ridiculously amazing and they do many things very, very well.

I design crochet patterns and decided to use my designer blog, Love Crafts, FiberKind, Pattern Vine and Makerist to offer my patterns to “makers”. Hope that helps!