Laura Bain Designs - my patterns, free and for sale

Hi all!

I have most of my free knit, crochet and craft patterns listed at my website: in the free patterns page.

I also have a few patterns for sale on the historic interpretations page.

I hope you enjoy them!


I don’t knit, but wish I did. Your designs are beautiful!

Thanks for the compliment :blush: I have crochet and weaving/craft patterns on my site too…something for everyone! :wink:

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Oh my gosh, I will check it out. Thanks!

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I like your designs. I see that some of them are published on the Red Heart website. Do they have a place to upload free patterns? Do they purchase patterns from designers?


I used to be an independant contractor for them.
They were recently purchased by Patons and now all design work is done “in-house” by employees.

Thank you!
I just downloaded 5 of your crochet patterns & have
Some chunky mandala yarn … thought I might give it a try.
Also have a question for you, I’ve got a 1940’s crochet
Baby Blanket pattern that I may need help with understanding a few parts.would you be able to help with that?

Red Heart was bought out by Paton?? Does that mean they will also be included in the “Yarnspirations” group? They own a lot of yarn companies!!

Possibly but I haven’t messed with any vintage crochet yet. Probably the biggest thing to look for is whether it is using British terminology or US.

No idea, sorry. I just know about the acquisition and how it affected the designers who’d contracted with them in the past.