Knitting Patterns by Distracted Knits

Hi all! I’m Faith Schmidt, the creative drive behind Distracted Knits.

I design under the name DistractedKnits for a very good reason. With nine children in the house, there’s always something going on! This has led me to design patterns that are interesting to knit, but are also easy to memorize and “read”, in case of one of those all-too-frequent interruptions.

My patterns can be bought directly from me here:

For an instant download, my patterns can be found here:


Very nice patterns. NINE children?! Sainthood nominee!


Not a saint, just slightly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like those purple mitts! I have a “gazillion” buttons I inherited from my grandmother and mother. Off I go in search of your patterns! Thank you!

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i really like the purple mits too.

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