Knitting notecards

Besides being a knitter, I am also a graphic designer and illustrator. Every holiday season, we see graphic designs come out that are sort of knitting themed, but most of them are obviously not designed by knitters, as the stitch details are wrong. I decided to merge two of my passions and design some knitting themed products. My first design is a 4-notecard set of flowers, all done in knitted stitches.

I wanted to give you nice folks here on Open Ravel the first access to these. I have four designs: a tulip, a rose, a sunflower, and a crocus. An 8-pack (2 of each design), comes with envelopes for $20. Shipping to continental US is included at this time.

I can mix and match the quantities of each design, if you have a preference for a particular flower, let me know and I can print them accordingly. These haven’t made it into my Etsy shop yet, so if you are interested, please reply or message me.


These are very nice, Kelly! Actually, they look like they could also be representations of surface crochet and/or the embroidered chain stitch. Maybe, you could refer to them as “stitching” note cards. I hope your shop is very successful.