Knitting Journal Apps

Does anyone have any suggestions for knitting journaling apps. I would like to keep track of projects, yarn, needles, notes and patterns. I know there are the knitting journals out there that you hand write in but not sure I will find the time for that.


It’s not a journal, but I’ve been using Airtable to keep track of my projects and stash since leaving R. It’s working well so far. I like that I can use different views as well. I have mine set to the gallery view and I like that I can click the card and see all of my info without leaving the gallery page. I also like that I can completely customize what shows up on the “cards”. You can also link tables, so I’ve been linking stash to projects. Here are a couple pictures. Note that when you first start, the default view looks like a spreadsheet, but it’s just a mouse click to change to the gallery view and the site does save your preferences.

Oh! You can also upload from a spreadsheet, so if you happened to download your data from R, you can convert that excel doc to a csv file and upload to Airtable - fast and easy. Then just add your photos if you want them.


Oh my gosh thank you so much. I have never heard of this before. When leaving R I downloaded all my projects, stash and needles charts. This is on android as a app on the computer so cool.

Oh yes! I should have mentioned that it’s also an app. I use the app to upload photos that I’ve taken on my phone, so it’s really convenient.

Also, you can set up fields to have formulas so yardage (or whatever) gets auto calculated.


Could you possibly do a tutorial on how to set up Airtable? Yours looks beautiful and I’m lost with the program. thanks

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It might be easier for me to share the setup so that you can copy it and then make your own adjustments. How you use Airtable for setup depends on if you have existing information that you can import from a spreadsheet (as a .csv file) or if you want to start from scratch. The other alternative is to use one of Airtable’s templates and modify it.

So, my first question would be…do you have your information already in a spreadsheet format? Or are you starting from scratch?

Meanwhile, for everyone reading, here are a few helpful links for getting started:

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Did you still have to pick a template to use when you uploaded tor excel sheet? What template did you use?

I don’t know how to use a spreadsheet, so all I have is folders with knitting patterns i.e.: scarves, shawls,etc. Many I have subdivided into yarn weight. Pictures would be so helpful! Thanks for the links.

Do you use the free or paid version?

I have never heard of this and it looks like there might be quite a learning curve, but worth it to get what you have there! I have searched their ‘universe’ and there is a sock yarn company that uses a base, as they call them, for their yarn data. This is therefore perfectly set up for recording our stashes. I see a button for copy base and assume this means you can use their example as a ready made template. I shall explore further. If anyone else wants a peek it’s here

Well that took 40 minutes of messing about but I have a project space! It only has one thing in it but playing around with the sock yarn one from their ‘universe’ (I just copied it and it appeared in my account), I got the format pretty quickly. I can use a basic spreadsheet which helps. Adding a photo foxed me a bit but in the head of the column you want to use for photos you click the drop down and chose customise field, and then choose attachments. You can then drag and drop and have more than one photo in that field. It seems to display the last one uploaded first as a default (no doubt there is a way to change that), so I deleted and re-dragged and dropped to get them in the order I wanted. I hope that helps others.

What I can’t do is import my main data from then other place (don’t get the format) but I have only about thirty projects recorded there - if I add one a day in a month I’m done!

Thank you so much for this @knitterlady13 - I think it is wonderful!

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I’m so glad you got it working! Yes…the photos had me briefly puzzled as to how to get it to show up in in the box, but once I read that it’s automatic, I was good to go. (And you’re right…the field has to be clicked to “on” in the customize area. I don’t know if you’ve discovered this yet, but when you have multiple photos, the first one shows up on the top of the gallery card, but if you hover over that area when in gallery view the box will automatically scroll through all of your photos.

Also, once you have multiple photos uploaded, you can open your “card” and then drag them around to reorder.

Yeah…the JSON data from R is a bit of a pain to work with. There is a way to get it into a useable spreadsheet, but it’s fussy and a bit time consuming. If you only had 30 projects there, I’d just add them individually. I had more than 300, so I just started adding projects from July forward. Everything else is saved on a hard drive. Since Airtable does have a space limit unless you have a paid subscription, I don’t have room for everything there and figured it’s OK to just start from scratch.

And…finally, apologies to everyone that I didn’t get back here sooner. I’ve had a lot on my plate the past couple of weeks. My mom has Alzheimer’s and has been having trouble at the memory care (she’s combative), so I’ve been trying to sort out next steps. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply when you’ve family issues and I hope you get your mom more settled soon.

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Thank you. I hope so too! :heart:

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I just made my own a few days ago on my Google Documents program. I made a table with two columns and some rows…one for title, one for gauge, one for yarn, one for tools used and I put notes below it. I used a fun font, logo and colors to spice it up. I can add a photo to it, too. They have templates if you want to use those, also. When I write something, it is automatically saved.

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Finally moving all my stuff over to AirTable… This is exhausting, but I know it’s worth it! I love how it syncs to my phone app too. It’s amazing how many designers use Rav as their sole source for purchasing their patterns. O.O