Knitter in Central Florida


Hello fellow fiber enthusiasts! I’m very much looking forward to interacting with others who share my interests in a friendly, supportive, non-judgemental environment!

I hope to see this site expand beyond just chat and start replacing “the site which shall not be named.” :wink: It will be exciting to see how Open Ravel evolves.

Thanks and Happy Crafting!


Hi Castonanother! As you said, I’m excited to see how OR evolves too. I’m certainly hoping the site admin will build a wonderful community which surpasses that other site. Welcome!


I second you on hoping “to see this site expand beyond just chat and start replacing “the site which shall not be named” ! :blush:


Hi…another Florida gal here too!

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We live on Fort Knox right now but Tampa is home!

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Hello from Mount Dora, FL. I am a newbie knitter. Loving this new and open forum for the fiber arts.


Hello, and nice to “meet” you!

I’m curious,…I always wondered what I would knit if I lived in a warm climate all year! Do you knit any larger, heavier items? I’m afraid for myself I’d had a huge collection of very light shawls and an over-flowing sock drawer!


I would probably crank up the a/c so I could wear sweaters. Lol


I’ve been living in Australia for 2 years: I mostly knit lightweight sweaters for the 9 months of summer (there is the aircon absolutely everywhere, so you actually do need them :wink:) and a few warmer sweaters for the colder nights of Winter. I also knit a lot for my family and friends back in France.
But honeslty the project I’m most proud of is my parasol :grin:


That is beautiful!! :heart_eyes:

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Hello, from Longwood, FL! I’m happy to be here too!

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:wave: Another Florida knitter here as well!

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Oh cool! Boy, it’s been warm lately! :sunny: But I knit on! :blush:

Howdy “neighbor”! I’m in Clermont.

Actually, I find that there are very few days (about 5 days per year) that are actually cold enough for wool socks! What I need a lot of are cardigans. All the businesses - stores, restaurants, movie theaters, etc., have air conditioning set to a level that is uncomfortably cold for me (chill to the bone). You have to dress light enough to tolerate the mid-90’s outdoors but you can pop on a cardigan to stay comfortable in these businesses and take it off when you walk back outside.


That is gorgeous! Yes, here in Florida, I need cardis because of the air conditioning.

Hi “neighbor” - I’m in Clermont!

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Woohoo - it’s good to see our knitting game is strong here in Florida! :sunny::palm_tree::coconut::bikini:

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Cool! I am in Oakland right at the West Orange/Lake County line. We are practically neighbors!

I’m familiar with Oakland. My husband and I have bicycled through there many a time. :slight_smile:

Do you have an LYS nearby? The only one we had in Clermont closed it’s doors a few months ago. So sad!