Kinnedy Nichelle

Kinnedy Nichelle

Kinnedy Nichelle is the fourth square in a series that I am designing as a legacy for my grandchildren. Kinnedy loves volleyball and her four younger brothers; she is kind and nurturing, with a beautiful soul.

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Wow, that’s not my grandma’s crochet! Beautiful! :+1:

I’m smiling, because I always tell people, “Today’s crochet is not your grandma’s crochet”. :grin:


That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much for sharing!! This is gorgeous!

Thank you! Kinnedy is a beautiful young lady, inside and out. I’ll be posting more squares soon. :wink:

Thank you for sharing this beautiful design. It may well be waaaaaay above my ‘pay grade’ when it comes to crochet but I am looking forward to trying it out.

Thank you! Give it a try, it’s not too difficult. If you decide to try it and need help, I’m here to help. :grinning:

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So pretty thank you for your kindness.

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This is just gorgeous!

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Thank you very much. :wink::+1:

I see this pattern is on Raverly.

Yes, until last month my patterns were exclusively on Ravelry. They now can also be found on Facebook, Pinterest, Love Crafts and my blog using the links below. :slight_smile: :



Love Crafts:



It’s a beautiful square and I only mentioned Raverly because when I went to download it,it took me to Raverly for the downloading process.

Thank you! The link above opens a pdf file. I thought I redirected all my patterns to my blog. Where was the link that sent you to Ravelry? I’ll want to correct it.

In the search I typed in Kinnedy Nichelle and a whole page of your square popped up so Tapped on the first one and it took me to I scrolled down to where it said download pattern here. So I tapped on the word here and it took me to Raverly.

That makes sense! I previously had all patterns link to Ravelry. I’ve changed my original posts, but any post pinned prior to my edits apparently keeps the link to Ravelry. I couldn’t delete my links to Ravelry on my Facebook posts either. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for the clarification :grinning:

I admire you so much for not only your beautiful designs, but for making them for sale via your own web site and FB, etc. I’m curious, though. How do you handle VAT? I’ve got my patterns on Etsy and a few other sites, because they handle VAT for me. I’ve wanted to put them on my own website, but then I’d be responsible for VAT, which I don’t want to do.

You are correct! Few customers have purchased the pattern from my website and most have chosen to link to outside sites for their purchase. However, I decided to delete the option to purchase from my site unless the purchaser is from the US to avoid the hassle of the VAT tax. It’s worth the small fee the other sites charge, to have them instantly download the pattern and handle the VAT tax issue. My son is a software developer so I’m hoping he can at least come up with something that will instantly download the pattern once purchased. If he does figure it out, I will let you know. :grinning: This is all such a learning experience!