Katy TX Russian knitter


Katy TEXAS Howdy. Is anyone else from the west side of Houston? I’m a Russian knitter & have been knitting since about 2007. I also quilt, but not usually at the same time. Since the R purge in June I’ve been wandering the desert looking for a place to hang.


Welcome! I’m from New Zealand, so not quite in your neck of the woods, but glad to have you here anyway. Is Russian your knitting style or your nationality or both?

Hi Katy Tx. My husband is from Waco and his mom and sister are still there. I know that’s not particularly near Houston. A bit like saying I live in Monterey California, and you telling me about your relatives in LA. Anyway the folks here in OpenRav are very nice folks. Many of us are Ravelry Refugees…


New Zealand sounds like a lovely place. Russian is my knitting style, not so much my nationality. My genetics are Swedish, German and English (that I know of). My mom learned it from a neighbor when she was quite young.

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I have only been through Waco. It seems nice (with the exception of the famous tragedy). Everyone seems wonderful! I too am a R refugee.

Howdy fellow Texan and welcome - My husband and I are both from San Antonio, but we currently live outside of Austin - so not much farther from where we started. But I’ve lived all over the state, from Lubbock to Corpus Christi. I think that you will find that a lot of members here are R refugees. It’s a welcome relief to be able to come to a place of peace.

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I live near Copperfield, in Houston TX. I have been wandering since the R purge also.

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:grinning: well hidey ho neighbor. I was working over there in copperfield back in april. Welcome aboard. Do you have a favorite LYS?

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Hi Katy :wave: I’m Lyuda, Ukrainian knitter from VA, and I used to live in Dallas :slight_smile:

Hi Lyuda,
Maybe some confusion here. My name is Nancy and I live in Katy, Texas (west of Houston). The style of knitting I work is called russian.

But it is always a pleasure to meet another Texas knitter:cowboy_hat_face:

Im in Katy as well. South side of mason.
Im a loom knitter. Blankets, hats, scarfs and such. Cant crochet, tension problems but I still try from time to time.

Well hidey ho neighbor. I’m near the Buckees on 10. Do you get together with a group? I was going to the yarntopia with a group, but it has closed. One of the ladies said that they meet at Luby’s, but I have yet to catch up with them. :cowboy_hat_face:

No, I never got in with a group. There was a men’s meetup at ikea but it started a 6pm (I work right around the corner) but if felt odd sitting there by myself for over an hour! I mostly knit in my truck during lunch at work. Now Luby’s that would be interesting. That pretty darn close. Close enough I could actually walk. If you know what Moe’s is, well you know where I live.
Ahhhh Buckees. The only place to get gas! I wonder when they will start selling yarn? :slight_smile:
I was purchasing silk/bamboo from yarntopia and was very sad when I learned they were going out of business. Makes getting specialty yarn difficult. I want to touch it and smell it before I buy it. There is a yarn store in spring Ive been to once but didnt find anything I needed at that time.

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@Bibliofan, yes the people here are very nice! Waco isnt bad. I have family in the tri-cities area. We were in Dallas not that long ago.
Yep, I left R as well. Shame really.

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I agree. I now am on several different sites to get the same service that used to have on one. Casey/Cassidy messed up. Oh well, so far I have been able to find patterns, get help and help others, using all my sites.

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Im trying my darnest to design patterns. I working on stitch patterns now and then to incorporate them into a project. Knitting them up and photographing them is a pain. I dont see how people do it and still have a life. :smile:

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I knit Russian Speed Knitting. Yep, same lady I learned from.
I came to it naturally and later discovered it has a name…or origin.
I taught myself to knit in 2011 with books and video, age 56.
The coworker who was also relearning to knit (taught as a child) throws the yarn with her right hand so was no help.
The other coworker who came on board a year knits with a support using double points for the many socks and occasional sweater.

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Yes, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

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I cant knit with needles but it looks like an interesting subject. Ill take a look this evening when I get home from work and walmart. Side note: I wonder how many skeins I am going to buy today… So much yarn and no time to knit! My wife is starting to think I have a problem.

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At one point when I was first learning and after laying my knitting needles aside for too long, I used a Knook set to reteach myself to knit…especially as I learned to crochet first a year or two previous.
Understanding how stitches were created using the hook part was very helpful.

I also used worsted cotton variegated yarn to better understand what a stitch looked like.

Remember, a knit stitch and a purl stitch are the same stitch, knit is considered the front of that stitch, purl is the backside of that same stitch.

For practice knitting I made a lot of dishcloths in this pattern.