I Love Yarn Day

How are you celebrating I love yarn day?

Making some mittens for my little one! :blush:

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Swatching for a cardigan. I was spinning all last week for the Spin Together activity.

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@Snoogins, Mittens-- How wonderful!!! I was thinking of making some super warm ones for my two boys-- with extra long arms to keep the snow out (it’s already starting to feel like winter here in the midwest!) Look forward to seeing pics!

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@Sophy0075, that sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve never spun yarn but I’m sure it will be gorgeous cardigan-- and just in time for the cold, right?! :slight_smile:

Haha! It won’t be cold where I live for another two months, at least. Alas, our “winter” only lasts for a couple of weeks.

The cardi yarn I’m contemplating is a commercial yarn from my stash. It’s a heavy fingering (I’m getting about 6.5 to 6.75sts/inch on a 3.5mm needle). I still haven’t decided on what stitch patterns to use.

The yarn I just spun I might work into a poncho, with some other yarn (BFL, dyed purple) I’m in the process of spinning. Or maybe knit a pullover, which I could wear about two days a year.


@Sophy0075, lucky you! It’s already starting to get cold here in the midwest U.S. and last year, was cold into May! I’m not sure if Farmer’s Almanac is a good resource, but have heard that they’ve said it’s going to be a brutal winter this year… it’s nice that you won’t have it for too long!

Your cardi sounds nice-- I have yet to knit a sweater, but love the fine stitchwork in them, especially using a finer yarn. The poncho sounds cool too-- hope that you’ll share a photo when you’re done!

“Brutal” weather I don’t want - for you, me, or anyone- but I sure would like to be able to snuggle into my (storebought) cotton turtlenecks and the wool and alpaca cardigans I have knit!

It will take ages for me to knit this latest cardi- the crazy season for retail is coming up, and my hours will climb. Some nights, last Christmas season (which of course starts at my store Thanksgiving eeek), it was all I could do to drive home, eat a bite of something microwaveable, and go to bed. It will certainly be the same this year. (On that note, a plea - please be kind to sales folk - don’t mess up displays, leave store clothes on the floor turned inside out in dressing rooms, and decide to shop five minutes before the store is supposed to close!)

I will post a photo of my swatch later, before I go to work today. I have one more stitch pattern to figure out.


It is certainly nice to have cool enough weather to wear the things you’ve made-- that is for sure! I have yet to make a knit sweater but was tempted to make one that I was told was quite simple (it was an owl sweater a friend told me about).

I hope that your hours aren’t too hectic prior to Christmas. It is so hard working in retail! I try to always be kind to anyone that I encounter, but especially when you know someone is working long hours and probably dealing with a lot of impolite people!

Look forward to seeing your cardigan, whenever you get it done! Take good care!

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Thank you. I overheard my manager saying to the ops manager that the Powers That Be have decided to extend our Christmas working hours this year. It’s ridiculous; our customers don’t shop after 7pm, and most not after 6, but tell that to the know it all head honchos. It will mean more money for me, which I need (a declining old dog and a daughter marrying) but dark late nights, tired feet and that wretched syrupy “holiday” Muzak.

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Oh no! Longer hours-- those Grinches! :frowning: Glad that it helps with finances, but hard to work such long hours. It a time of year when you should be able to enjoy the season.