I am new!

Hi, I am Lisa (Lisachicki) and I am very fond of free speech, knitting, crocheting, fiber processing, spinning with drop spindles, painting, and making jewelry.
I emptied my Ravelry account because their ethics are offensive and against my principles, so I am STARTING OVER, here, where I hope to meet people who are understanding of my plight.


Hi and welcome from New Hampshire, I just joined recently also. I found that old site to be a time suck, for me personally. Its nice to see most crafters just want to craft. And that a lot of people really do want to get along.


Thank you Cynthia! I just love creating and learning from others who love it too!

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Hi there Lisa, so nice to meet you! We share a lot of interests, I’m mostly a spinning crocheter who also enjoys tatting, but recently I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with watercolours too! So relaxing, and so quick too, compared to changing the colour of a carded batt! :smile:
Glad you’re here for your starting over! It can be a liberating experience, I find!


Hope you find peace,love& Joy of crafting here.


Welcome! I just want to craft too. I love knitting and have an intense desire to learn spinning and weaving as well! My sincere hope is that Open Ravel will evolve to become an adequate replacement for Ravelry. Free speech is important and so is good old fashioned competition! As makers, we should have choices for where to get our patterns and engage with others who have similar interests.

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Knit Picks website and You Tube tutorials taught me to process fiber, to dye fiber, to drop spin, to knit and crochet blankets, socks, and make many items. Learning so many things on these websites was wonderful, and all of it was free, which helped me tremendously.

Hi all! I’m new to Open Ravel - just found it last week. I’m Beth from the Kansas City area. I love to knit - but I also “enjoy” hiking :sweat_smile:, sailing, and curling. We just had our club’s summer bonspiel and it was a GREAT time!


Welcome! I completely understand your plight! I too am a Ravelry exile. The good thing is that since I left I have met so many outstanding crafters who share my belief in Free Speech and values of home & God.
I love knitting, spinning, and am learning how to weave. Enjoying the last few years as a librarian, planning to retire in 3 years.


Just plain nice people on here. I don’t care what anyone believes as long as they don’t argue about it or judge. Eventually as we all go through our personal life journey we should be growing and learning from each other, right?