How is everyone holding up?

Just doing a well check! Hope this finds everyone well and crafting away any stress, making beautiful creations! Xoxo!


Doing great! I haven’t been doing any knitting for months, but I have been quilting my guts out! lol. I just finished a queen sized hexagon quilt as you go quilt for my daughter and son-in-law–omg. I was so sick of it by the time I was done. But did that stop me from starting the next quilt on the list right away? no, ma’am. lol

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doing ok… just knitting some mindless washcloths… I have lost my job and just can’t seem to concentration on anything!

Oh no, that’s awful! Knitting can be very restorative and has helped me through some dark times in my life. Im sure that you will be back on your feet soon! Keep us posted and be well!

Thanks! What are you knitting right now?

Too much and not enough! A sweater for my sister, socks for my mom and im trying to finish a mitten for myself. Also crocheting a coronavirus ball for a coworker haha! Lets see how many pictures I can find…

you are very productive! LOVE Them all!