I’ve noticed in profiles and posts that there are a few homeschoolers here so thought I’d start a thread.
I’m a “semi-retired” homeschool mom (let’s be clear it’s never over!)
Living proof they can and do make it out of the house (sort of --they are both college students).
I am in awe of those of you with 5, 7, 9? kids who are homeschooling and running a fiber/craft business. While I worked during my homeschool years I only had 2 to worry about.

I’m not a fan of sharing much detail about kids on social media but would love to hear from other homeschoolers past and present :slight_smile:


I homeschooled my oldest 3 until my daughter entered high school. Then I went back to work part time, so that we could afford to send her to Christian school, and by default, the other 2 went to school as well. Now, I am the school nurse, my husband teaches, and the 3 still in school are attending the same Christian school, so we are all pretty much together all day. It works. :smile:

I loved homeschooling, and my son sometimes says he would like to be homeschooled again (because when when we stopped, he was only in 3rd grade!! Now he is in 9th… Big difference!). I am glad they have (mostly) fond memories!


I understand and agree about not sharing about kids. For years I referred to my son just as ‘The Kid’. My father made a comment that my son did have a name and my response was yes but the internet does not need to know it. He did not get it.


Hi! I’m a homeschooler too, although I’ve got it easy with just one kiddo. She’s currently 10 and we’re just finishing up 4th grade. We had a big move in March and basically took the month off. We’ve been very happy with the flexibility homeschooling provides!

Though, yes, generally my not so little one has always been “Tiny.” The name made more sense when she was three, but I agree it’s better than letting the world know her real name.


I’m a homeschool mom. 8 kids, 2 graduated. Helloooooo! :slight_smile:


We homeschooled our three children all the way through - one of them special needs. They are now 34, 31, and 29, and they are wonderful people. Yes, there is life after homeschooling, and yes, once a homeschooler, always a homeschooler. It’s still pretty much the most life-changing thing I’ve ever done, other than making the decision to have the children in the first place.

My oldest is a harpist now living in the Netherlands. My second is working as a mechanical engineer with an exciting small company. And my third works for a local business and writes on the side.

Rebecca (Splittingwood on the other site)


We do “schooling-at-home” using an online public/charter school. I have 1 son, 10yo, we use O online for his name


Hello :slight_smile:
I too noticed there were several homeschoolers. Very cool!
I also do not tend to give a lot of info about my kids online. I mostly just refer to them by their initial.
I have a 22 yr old who is graduated and living in another state. A 17, 15, 13 and soon to be 11 yr old. All have only ever been homeschooled.
I was also homeschooled for 9-12.


I was also homeschooled 5th-9th grade! :slightly_smiling_face: Back in the “dark ages” of homeschooling!:joy:


I hear ya! We started just after it was officially made legal in our state. I have friends though who lived in another state and they were not quite legal but quite illegal…


We lived in MI… at the time it was not HS-friendly at all! It got much better by the time I had kids of my own.


Ohhh, wow. Yeah it has done a bit of a 360 there hasn’t it.


Homeschooler here too. We have 9 kiddos. Four are graduated. Oldest is 24, youngest is 7.


Ah! My brother is a saxophonist who lived in Amsterdam for about 8 years. He just moved to Belgium, but I wonder if he knows your daughter. Doubt it, but it’d be cool.


It’d be cool, but not probable. She’s in Utrecht, not in Amsterdam, though she sometimes plays with orchestras from there. She helps run the Dutch Harp Festival, which has taken place only three or four times so far. Maybe he’s heard of that?

We are homeschoolers. Live in Michigan. My oldest is 20, attends the local community college now. I have 2 more to school still, 17yo and 13yo (14 next month), coming up on 12th and 9th. All girls, hence my handle.


My kids are heading into 1st and 3rd and we mostly enjoy it! It’s fun to see them learn and grow. I work from home as a recipe developer and virtual assistant to food bloggers.


That sounds like a fascinating job!! Both parts :slight_smile:

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I decided to homeschool when my ex kicked me out…long story, but they wanted to medicate my second son. My dearest second and best hubby adopted my older 3 and he too was upset with the way the school undermined us trying to get him medicated, telling him he wasn’t allowed to check out books over 3rd grade level he was in 4th grade and reading Beowulf and Canterbury tales at home. He also read Shakespeare and the entire set of World Book Encyclopedia. Anyway, then they passed the no child left behind and my oldest was not doing his school work and they passed him anyway. That didn’t sit well, so we started homeschooling.

We added six kids and I often crochet when they are doing their math or reading aloud or listening to a bible study during class time. That gives me 4 hours a day. As kids got older i added chores to their assignments…yes weighted grade in their home ec/pe/health class.

My oldest is 26, father of 2 sweet babies and leaving for BT in August.

My second son works in hazardous tree removal

My daughter trained in digital media design and landed a decent position with matching 401K, eye/dental/health benefits and an HSA they are also going to pay for her to finish her degree.

The other 6 are still at home learning.

If I talk about them, I usually use an alias. But I mostly talk about my two cats Hercules and Gizmo.


I’m a homeschool mom to 4 kids, ages 12, 9, 7, and 2yo. My 12yo is also a knitter. Knitting helps me destress and keep my sanity. :smile: I knit in the evenings, while we’re at activities for the kids, while the 7yo reads aloud to me, etc. Thankfully it’s a very portable hobby that I can fit into the spare minutes whereever they come. :yarn: