Hiya! Finally trying to find my tribe!


It’s great to see so many here! I signed up at the start but life ran away in the months that followed. We had just moved from Idaho to Washington and it took me awhile to find my groove!
I am an all around fiber artist, homeschooling mama to 7 and small biz owner. I have dabbled in some pattern writing and they can be found on my website: www.maahomestead.com where I sell goat milk soaps and spread the love with yarn. I am re-working some knitting and crochet courses for beginners and hope to get those back up soon. I will also work on adding some patterns to sahre here. Some of you may have already followed me on my Youtube Channel: MAA Homestead as I was a first to announce my leaving of R, and was super overjoyed to the response that I was given…thank you if that was you I still am amazed! Unfortunately my Computer that I do my video editing on has been out of order since so I haven’t uploaded videos…but I am working on that!
I am currently excited to be knitting my 2nd ever sweater “Landmark” from Maria Green’s book “Seamless Knit Sweaters in Two-weeks”, It is fantastic! My other goal includes putting together a local yarn crafters group as I haven’t found one yet and the nearest LYS is a half hour away. I hope to make new friends through yarn…I have found it to be profitable in the past!
I am still figuring out how this website works so forgive me if I post incorrectly.
I have mentioned some places to find me but you can also connect with me on Instagram @knittyheidi and would appreciate likes and follows on my FB page MAA Homestead.
Love, Heidi


Hello and welcome!! I think you will like it here!