Hi from South Carolina

I’m so happy to find this place. I was never very active in the groups at the other place. I did read a great deal.I knew that place always had a bias, but the announcement of June 23rd was a punch in the gut. I really didn’t expect it. It did wake me up to read more and see what is happening in the world. I’m working on getting my patterns in some organized fashion downloaded. What’s really sad is how some of my favorite yarn stores announced they were standing with the other place. And other stores made a more sensible announcement.

My grandmother taught me to crochet many years ago. I began to teach myself to knit about 6 years ago. I’m not a fast knitter, but I love the process. Knitting is relaxing and I really enjoy kitting on long car trips.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone here. It’s exciting to be part of Open Ravel.



I think it’s awful that businesses think they have to declare their loyalies. Businesses should be impartial if they are open to the general public. It’s in their best interest.


I agree completely. But I’ve watched what the activists have done to stores that do not follow their agenda and it is not pretty.


its very ironic how they call us white supremacist but they are the exclusive ones. This reminds me of nazi germany where on the shop display was a sign no dogs and no Jews. So are like these businesses, everyone welcome but not people who support donald trump. somehow i feel like its also targeted against christians because we are against lgbt and so on, i think this donald trump hate is just a brainwashing from the media and whoever wrote Rs policy was watching too much bbc.

Punched me in the gut too. Now every time I open an app I worry they will block me too. Is AllRecipes suddenly going to get political? Sheesh just let me knit & chat.


Hello from PA. Like everyone here, I was upset by R’s announcement. I only used R for patterns, never participated in any of the political forums. My LYS has aligned themselves with R and continues to promote patterns from there, offers patterns with new yarns from R and the latest is having a class on how to navigate R’s website. When this R debacle went down, I was quick to cancel my account with R and advised the yarn shop that I no longer had that account. I have the feeling that other customers have done the same and they are feeling it in the money coffers as they sell and probably get a percentage of the cost of the pattern price.

I have been digging in more trying to find the “main event” that set this all off and have found a lot of exclusion of white designers as well. I take no issue with opposing opinions, but i dont tolerate true racism. The bipoc movement is crossing a line in my book - i am referring to the actual crowdfund. So many designers have been bullied and blacklisted if they dont specifically support designers because they are non white. Its really fucked up (call me a sailor, hope that doesnt break rules!) and annoying how much of a divide is being created.