Hi from Richmond, VA

My name’s Ellen - aka Old Bird on this site…not the name I used at R. Was there since 10/07.
Never posted. Prolific lurker. Conservative. Grew up in Queens, NY, and moved to Richmond when I was in my 20s.

My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was around 10 yrs old, so I’ve been frogging for quite a while !

Recently retired from sales/ management, and am glad I found this group


Hi OldBird, nice to met you! I am looking forward to retirement in a few years. I work for the public schools and am currently on summer break. I am knitting up a storm right now, hoping to finish a vest and a purse to put in the Monterey County Fair in August.

Lucky YOU, Bibliofan - having the entire summer to yourself !
And congrats for having the guts to put your vest and purse in the Fair - although we have a State Fair in the Richmond area, I’ve never had the courage to compete ! You know - you’ll miss a stitch in one spot, and you think the whole world will see the imperfection…I’ve pretty much gotten over that, finally !
What type of purse are you doing? Knit? Large bag, small ?

Hello OB! I grew up in Richmond. I’m glad you’re here.

I am just going to do a large panel of eye of partridge and fold it in thirds, strips up the sides and line it. Nothing too tough. I had planned on using some of my early homespun, but it is too tightly spun, so the panels curled. I don’t want to use my white homespun as I am spinning for an Aran sweater. So I will have to use a commercial brand. I have some Noro that I think might be interesting. I am also thinking of putting my weaving project in the fair, I won’t win any prizes for that! I took home the Blue Ribbon last year for the ‘Salt River Sweater by Ann Podlesak’ I knit for my hubs.

Sophy0075 - Thanks ! Glad you’re so welcoming !
Growing up in Richmond - I grew up in NYC, and it was culture shock when I moved here - I love the size of Richmond. You can really get to know this ‘overgrown town’ much better than a place like Manhattan. Lots of diversity in Richmond, too - the place has grown in the 40+ yrs I’ve been here.

You know all fairs just need the entries. It’s a fun fun thing to do. My Guild puts on the Wool Show at the fair, so we are all kind of expected to enter stuff. My spinning doesn’t win any prizes either.

I’m in Farmville - not too far!

Ah, so you spin !
I’ve got to get my courage up, and step out of the comfort zone, Bibliofan !

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Around the corner, purplegamba.
I don’t think I’ve made it to Farmville in ages - Longwood College is there, right? And GreenFront
Furniture ? I think that, when I first moved to VA, I did drive through Farmville - pretty country.
And how are you coping with the heat? Today was the first day in over a week where I’ve felt human again -

Trying not to get Alzheimer’s. I just can’t get the hang of crocheting though. Lots of my girlfriends do, one even makes funny character crochet hooks. I just can’t seem to count the stitches right. I managed 1 granny square. When I went to make the second one it had no resemblance to the first one. Go to YouTube my friends say. All that rewinding. Forget about it.
Well, I just ripped out 6 rows because I misread the ‘and at the same time’ instruction. Walked the dogs, did the dishes, cleaned the fish tank, so I am feeling virtuous. I can pick up my knitting and watch some afternoon TV.

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My husband is a professor at Longwood. :slight_smile: And yes, GreenFront is here too, although not typically in my budget.

Today, I left the house once for about 1min to chase down my toddler who escaped. Otherwise I’m staying inside in the A/C. I have lupus (sun-sensitive disease) so I don’t spend a lot of time outdoors anyway.


Funny - I always found crocheting easier. Only have to concentrate on one hand, not two ! And the 'at the same time ’ - oh, yeah. Been there too many times. Whoever writes the pattern should have that phrase in BOLD letters. I’m an expert at frogging. At least you had a productive day, getting some other stuff out of the way - and I hope that your knitting session was calming for you !

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Took a look at your profile - You are a busy woman ! I admire you so much for homeschooling your little ones, purplegamba.
Stay indoors and enjoy the cool breezes of the air conditioning !

Hello from England :slight_smile:

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Where in England are you, britishwool? I have a sister who lives in London - are you melting from the heat?
And Welcome to You, too !

Yes it was! I got through the ‘at the same time’ piece. Then put the knitting down to ruminate about what the ‘front edge’ was in this pattern. I have decided it is the same place I have been decreasing already, and not the edge where the button band will go. This is where I normally would contact someone who had already made the pattern for confirmation…oh well.

I find that most new crocheters usually make mistakes at the end and beginning of the row. I’ve been crocheting since the late 1960s and that is where I still make mistakes. I’ve taught a few friends and that seems to be their biggest problem catching on. Of course, last year while crocheting a baby blanket I missed a stitch right in the middle of the row. I did not catch my mistake till 6 rows later. Much frogging needed!
Keep trying. I live up the road toward Pulaski County, Virginia.

Hi! I live south of Richmond. I’m originally from Louisiana. Also retired. I spend my days crafting and spoiling my grand baby.

Hi, MimiDee !

So, “neighbor”, welcome to VA !
Great that you have a grand baby to spoil !