Help with felting a hat

I made my first ever felted project, a hat, this week. I am still amazed that I put a huge misshapen sack into the washing machine and it came out a hat!

I mostly like how it turned out, but it is soooo fuzzy. Is there a way to smooth the surface? Also, can I safely cut the brim to make it smaller without the knitting unraveling?


If it’s truly felted well, you should be able to cut it with no problem. If you’re still unsure, you could always create a swatch, felt it and then cut it. That would give you more confidence whether it would work well or not. As far as the fuzziness, there will always be certain levels of fuzz in felting and some fiber would most likely create more than others. You could always create that felted swatch and try using one of the little battery powdered fuzz shavers on it to see how that works. Or try it on a very small area inside the hat where it wouldn’t show first. I’ve never tried it so can’t say for sure how well it would work.

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If it’s felted so the stitch definition is gone or even mostly gone, you can safely cut away the excess. I haven’t done that with a hat, but I used to make felted tote bags using old thrift store sweaters (wool ones, of course). I’d mostly felt the sweater and then cut away the portions I didn’t want. Then I’d stitch whatever areas I wanted closed up and continue felting until I was satisfied with the look. When I was done with the washing process, I’d often punch holes or make slits where I planned to add handles.

As far as the fuzziness, you can use a razor on it…or try a sweater shaver. Note that some wools naturally end up fuzzier than others. When I felted Cascade 220, it had a very smooth finish. Malabrigo Worsted was also pretty smooth, but fuzzier than the Cascade. I had a friend who used to felt with Brown Sheep and her bags were super fuzzy…it was a really cool effect.


Thank you for the suggestions. The hat is truly felted (no stitch definition at all) so I think I will try to trim it around the brim. I will also try my sweater shaver or a razor to remove some of the fuzz. I’ll report back my results. :grin: I got this yarn at Goodwill, so I am mostly experimenting and won’t be too upset if I ruin it.

I didn’t know that different wools felted differently. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in worsted. And I knitted it double-stranded, which made it really thick.


What about needle felting it in addition to the felting it with hot water?